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My Joyce Fishing Montauk

My Joyce III Charter Boat

Montauk, NY

It was a long day yesterday for our full day shark trip–unfortunately, they wouldn’t cooperate and didn’t have drift conditions, just flat calm seas! That’s the way the cookie crumbles some days.

The evening trips for Jason and Dan produced different results with all types of species. We had a limit of jumbo seabass, a bunch of mega size scup, some blues and stripers that we’re either too big or way too small and not in the slot size. But still an awesome evening- thanks guys enjoy the filets! Call the My Joyce for availability at 516-641-2138.


The Future of Plum Island

Plum Island

Plum Island has a long history starting with the first battle between British and colonial troops during the revolutionary war. George Washington sent troops to the island close to where the present site of the lighthouse in 1775, to stop raids of their livestock.

The earliest record of a settler on the island dates to 1659, when one Samuel Wyllys bought Plum Island from Wyandanch, the senior chief of the four Indian tribes that controlled most of Long Island at the time. The recorded purchase price was “one coat, one barrel of biscuits and 100 fish-hooks.” Turn ahead the clock a few centuries and this now top secrete island could be sold to the highest bidder!
The Plum Island Animal Disease Center
The Plum Island Animal Disease Center runs about 30,000 diagnostic tests each year. The facility’s research program includes developing diagnostic tools and biologicals for foot-and-mouth disease and other diseases of livestock. The center comprises 70 buildings (many of them dilapidated) on 840 acres Plum Island has its own fire department, power plant, water treatment plant and security.

montauk monster.jpg
Montauk Monster
We have heard all the debunked theories of the work on the island. From Lyme disease to encephalitis to the ever-famous Montauk Monster – which turned out to be a raccoon – the conspiracy theories run deep. Truth is, Plum Island is much more than that. With hundreds of bird species to its beautiful lake, this island deserves to be conserved for the public to enjoy one day.

In this podcast, I speak with Louise Harrison, New York Natural Areas Coordinator, Save the Sound.

We discuss the efforts being pushed forward by a group of 108 organizations that oppose selling the island to the highest bidder.

Listen in and hear what you can do to help restore Plum Island to its days of glory.


Long Island Sound Tautog Study

Part 1 of a special series on the Long Island Sound

This is the first of a series of special podcasts George will be hosting that is related to the Long Island Sound. Professor Eric T Schultz headed the Long Island Sound Tautog Study. The Bio-economic Outcomes under Alternative Management Strategies with Human Choice and Behavior: Modeling Tautog and Anglers’ Preferences.

Shultz was assisted by Zhenshan Chen, Graduate Research Assistant Pengfei Liu, Stephen Swallow and Jacob M. Kasper Graduate Research Assistant.

These are not recommendations and the Long Island Sound study was conducted with input from the New York Department of Conservation. and Connecticut recreational anglers by UCONN and Sea Grant from Connecticut.

If you enjoy the tautog fishery, now is a great time to get involved and be educated on how anglers feel about the future management of tautog. If there is one thing lacking in fisheries management it’s how and where our anglers are being informed. For example, anglers under the age of 40 supported a striped bass slot fish this year. They did so, mostly in part of the successes of the redfish and snook slots down south. But what’s good for one fish might not be good for another.

Hopefully, this can be followed up with another survey giving us the true economic impact that the Long Island Sound Tautog fishery has on both New York and Connecticut. I know that’s the plan, but in these days of covid-19 plans change quickly.

The primary goal of this project is to evaluate the biological and economic impacts of alternative recreational fishery management practices. Taking anglers’ behavioral changes into consideration. Our project focuses on Tautog fishing in Long Island Sound. We have developed a baseline population model that can project how the stock responds to different regulatory approaches.

More on this survey can be found on the UCONN website. You can also find more in the attachment found in the post below.


Why I oppose a Slot for Striped Bass

Plus Local Reports From Smallmouth to Bluefin!

Is a Slot for Striped Bass the answer? George Scocca, the founder of Nor’east Saltwater and, gives his case of why a slot fish is not the answer for striped bass. Do you agree or disagree? George also talks about why he does support a slot for a tautog.

In this episode, we speak with a number of local fishing tackle owners and anglers. They give us some insight on their thinking and tactics.

15 Pound Fluke!

Then he speaks with “Tony Fish” the local angler that caught the fish of a lifetime.He bagged a 15-pound fluke while fishing inside of Jamaica Bay. When you listen you’ll hear all of the particulars.

Other guests in this episode include John of Hudson Park Bait and Tackle. Steve Luft – a long time fishing partner of George with over 40-years of experience of fishing everywhere from his local reservoirs to the Canyons. He is truly a fishing nut. He recently sent us a photo of a 34-inch striped bass he caught in the morning and a 4-pound smallmouth he caught at Kensico.

Then there’s Anthony Gucciardo,, the founder of our nyangler Instagram account, and he gives us a first-hand report of the great inshore bluefin bite that we’re seeing right now. And finally there’s Candy from Caraftis Fishing Station and if it swims there she knows about it! Candy checks in with the latest action they’re seeing in the Port Jefferson area of the sound.

We will be adding more reports each week, as well as deliver our special episodes that will intrigue all anglers! Next week we have a special episode dedicated to the future of tautog in Long Island Sound. Please be sure to subscribe on whatever platform you use to listen to your podcasts.

Please send your questions, comments and suggestions to George at

New York Fishing Reports

Offshore Heating Up- If you can call it offshore


Big Eyes and Bluefin Tuna on the Chew

We have confirmed that a number of bluefin have been caught between 15-18- miles off the coast of New York. They seem to be following the huge amount of bait and fish have been taken from south of Moriches to Montauk.

I had no time to photoshop it so there’s a lot of blood when tuna fishing ya know! This was taken today, along with other fish and hookups approximately 15-miles south of Long Island.

There have also been reports of a number of big-eyes taken in both Hudson Canyon and Toms. We have a few members of our staff heading out now so check back tomorrow for an update on what could become a great offshore season!