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This Logbook Will Simply Amaze you

The mystery and history of the White Eagle Party Boatthat sailed out of Canarsie NY in the 1930’s
It was in the mid-1990s that I was given this logbook to make sure it was kept safe. So I safely hid somewhere so well that is was missing for over 20-years. I always found myself looking for it, and of course, it took my wonderful wife to find it yesterday. I am so relieved as I was always mesmerized by its contents.

I’m not sure when it dates back to, but it is an amazing work of art in its own right. It also gives us a peek into what it took to be a charter captain, back then. There are references to the 1930s in it. I really need to know more about this boat and its Captain. I found a photo of the White Eagle II on but that was the best I could do. Below the photo, you will see just the first 3-pages of a logbook that describes in detail what it was like to be a Party Boat owner in the good old days of Brooklyn! I’ve het to find any information on Capt: Hon William Rank. But it is simply too see he took his fishing seriously.

Just read between the lines and you will see a picture of what it was like to navigate to bottom pieces, predict weather and so much more. The book is old and fragile so I’m taking care to take a clear pic of each page so I can have my wife store it for me this time.

white eagle 2 picture.jpg

white eagle cover.png

white eagle Ambrose.png

white eagle Ambrose red roof.png

If anyone has any info, on this vessel please let me know. I will follow these up with more in the coming weeks. This Brooklyn Party Boat Logbook, looks like they were using a totally different type of GPS and bottom finder than we have today.

New York Fishing Reports

23 Codfish, 70 big red hake and more! on the Laura Lee

Local Open Boat Action! Get in on it while you can.
If you too enjoy bottom fishing then it’s time to break your cabin fever and get yourself a on a local boat for some New York Cod Fishing and everything else that’s around! This is the time of year to take advantage of this great action that your local open/charter boat will get you.

Laura Lee Fleet

This great weather and skilled anglers has combined for a bottom fishing bonanza! This trip turned into more than just just cod fishing.
laura lee 2.jpg
The 6 AM trip today caught 23 Codfish, 70 Big Red Hake, 1 Monkfish, 19 Sea Bass, 35 Ocean Pout, 55 Big Cape Shark, 26 Cunner, 1 Fluke, 1 Sundial, and 2 Silver Eels.


Visit to purchase your tickets

And tell them you saw it on your new favorite fishing website
New York Fishing Reports

Hampton Lady Cod

Hampton Lady Fishing

hampton 2.jpg

SUN 2/9/20 🐟☘Wasn’t sure what to expect after the previous days storm and 70kt winds. Dirty water inshore was lifeless as the bottom was still churned up. Looked around and found some fish to work on but still wasn’t what i hoped for or the type of fishing we have been having. Dogs got blown into town which made it difficult at times for us as well.
Boat Regulars Gene O. and Mike K. led the way with 10 pieces in the box with Genes good enough for the pool.
Thanks guys for making the trip out with us, gonna let the dust settle this week and pick it back up on Saturday!

☘Next Trip is this Saturday 02/15/20

Do not wait to book as trips fill quickly on weekends.

👉Call/Text for Reservations

👉15 passengers Max


👉Private Charters available

🐟SAT 02/15/20 4am-4pm Wreck Trip

🚘Exit 65s on ST-27 (Sunrise HWY)


NYSF Fishing Show 2/15 and 2/16

When cabin fever sets in, it’s time to check out a local fishing show. This year’s New York Sportfishing Federation show is sure to be a winner. In addition to a lineup to top speakers, the show is packed with vendors and you’ll get a shot at a trip to Tanaku Lodge.

This is the longest running fishing show on Long Island and it supports the New York Sportfishing Federation as they represent our rights and our needs as New York Anglers. There are seminars with some of the regions top anglers. It then culminates with a huge action of great fishing equipment!

Come on down and have a great day with fellow New York Anglers!

How To Fishing Blogs

Free NY Ice Fishing 2/15-2/16, 2020

Ya gotta love those smallies. Even while ice fishing in New York. Join in as New York Anglers enjoy learning how to ice fish. He have more on ice fishing here.
You Too Can Get In On This Great Fishery!
I can’t say for sure how far north the hard water is, but many New York anglers truly enjoy this sport. The interest and participation rate of anglers getting into ice fishing is booming. There’s plenty of specialized tackle and gear and that are available to help you catch more fish. I even saw a TV commercial with Matthew McConaoughey setting up his ice fishing equipment and he sat in the Lincoln until he had a bite!

Now I’m not suggesting you take a limo ice fishing, but you may consider other comfortable options.
You Can Even Fish From Inside!
With the boom of ice fishing comes many options to fish from. From a five-gallon bucket to sit on, to a full blow vacation getaway – with holes in the floor! This sport offers a variety of equipment and huts.


Or Maybe You Like This?

hard water trout.jpg

Free Fishing Weekend – February 15-16, 2020. Learn How To Ice Fish In New York.
Obviously there’s a lot to learn to be successful at this winter sport. So it’s great to see our great upper New York State region being recognized and utilized by anglers of ages! There simply is no better way learn how to ice fish while getting results.

Ice fishing is a great way to get outdoors during the winter months. February 15-16 is a Free Fishing Weekend, where anyone can fish New York’s waters without a fishing license. If you’re an experienced angler, consider introducing a friend or family member to the sport. Or if you’ve always wanted to try ice fishing but don’t know where to start, attend a free fishing clinic near you this winter.

We encourage beginner ice anglers to download the Ice Fishing Chapter (PDF) of DEC’s I FISH NY Beginners’ Guide to Freshwater Fishing for information on how to get started ice fishing. You can find additional information, including a list of waters open to ice fishing, on DEC’s ice fishing web page.


Record Catch and Release Striped Bass – Does it really count?

Alex Foster holding his potential world record catch and release striped bass, Thanks to Chris’ Bait and Tackle.

Catch and Release World Record

The striped bass season ended at midnight on December 31 in the State of Virginia, but a West Virginia angler managed to catch and release a potential world record striped bass. With the likelihood of the minimum size of bass now being limited to 35-inches, these “Catch and Release World Records” will become more common, maybe too common in this day of social media and attention-grabbing.

Alex Foster has caught and released what is likely to be an International Game Fish Association’s Catch and Release World Record for a striped bass he caught and released off Cape Charles. Foster was fishing with Sho-Nuff Sportsfishing. Charters. The fish measured 48.03 inches long, five centimeters longer than the current record and good enough to win him a release award from the Virginia Salt Water Fishing tournament.
Call me a pessimist . . .
but as a person that ran The Triple Crown of Fishing, from Rhode Island to New Jersey for 5 years in a row, I can say with authority that sadly, anglers cheat. A year didn’t go by without some type of controversy centered around cheating. It was profitable for us and the industry as excitement and participation increased. But the constant BS forced me to say screw it, and we shut them down.

Now I’m not calling him a cheater by any means, and I know the guy that he beat out by 5 centimeters. Let’s face it folk’s, being recognized by the IGFA for any kind of world record will entice the few cheats out there to figure a way to beat the system. I somberly predict that these Catch and Release IGFA records will be broken annually – forever!

First of all, it’s a 48-inch fish that registered 58 pounds on a boga. Now that is a big bass, bigger than anything I’ve caught. But the lure of recognition in fishing means too much to some.
Here are a few examples of to what extent anglers will go to win.
Terry Long was indicted in Texas for cheating. But the worst one of all is in the video below showing the World Famous "Big Bass King" Mike Long – no relation I think? – being about as low as you can go. Watching this guy snag 10-pound plus spawners and then take selfies literally turns my stomach. Here’s a guy that won over $150K cheating while fishing the bass circuit. He was found to be snagging big bass on beds. All the while he was taking credit and basking in the glory as the Big Bass King. There’s a great article on it at

So I ask does an IGFA Catch and Release World Record actually mean anything when we have cheating anglers among us?


New York Fishing Winters

New York Fishing Podcast

In this episode of the New York Fishing Podcast, George speaks with Captain Joe Paradiso of the Nautic Lady. Capt. Joe talks a bit about last years fishing on the North Fork. He is also President of the New York Sportfishing Federation, and he represents New York anglers on many boards. He dedicates a lot of his time protecting both our fisheries and our rights. They talk about the role of the NYSF in protecting anglers’ rights and their Annual Fishing Show in Freeport. Their show is February 15, and 16 at the Freeport Recreational Center.

The NYSF Annual Fishing Show is the longest-running fishing show on Long Island. There are plenty of local tackle providers and they have a speaker lineup that will keep you busy learning from some of the region’s top anglers. The last look of updated speakers has some of the best of the best and this show is a great way to start getting ready for next season.

They also have a great auction on Sunday where you can get some great deals on tackle while supporting the NYSF, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and their efforts.

Billy “The Greek” Legakis

We also play part two of the interview with Billy “The Greek” Legakis, as he talks about the old days of bridge fishing and how he attacks each season. It’s a must listen to if you target striped bass.

Bluefish Limit to be Reduced to 3-fish bag for private anglers and 5-fish bag for charter and party boats.

Watch for next week’s episode featuring representatives from the ASMFC as we get all of the up to date information on our 3-fish bag limit on blues coming in 2020.

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New York Fishing Reports

Superhawk local cod 1/02/2020

Had a lucky day yesterday on the Superhawk out of Point Lookout . It was their first cod trip of the season. I shuffled through about 15 cod and managed 7 nice market cod keepers. The cod were tight to the bottom and those of us with our hooks set lower had best results. I tied only a 6 inch dropper with 50LB leader 18 inches above my sinker using a Gami 6/0 bait Baccala 1.jpgBaccala 2.jpgBaccala 3.jpgholder. No jelly worms or jewelry of any kind. Plain Jane all the way. I know it made all the difference in the world that the boat had fresh and unsalted clams. Thanks to the mates and especially Captain Steve Kearney who gave us the best chances for success. This boat is recommended. :)(y)(y)(y),