New Striped Bass Regulations

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Striped Bass Board decided Wednesday to address the sharply declining numbers of striped bass along the Atlantic seaboard, including the Chesapeake Bay, by requiring an 18 percent harvest reduction relative to 2017 levels.

Approved sub-options included allowing, within established seasons, 1 fish per angler per day between 28 and 35 inches in ocean waters. Public comment on this sub-option had supported, by a more than 4-1 ratio, setting a 1 fish limit with a minimum size of 35 inches. In the Chesapeake Bay, the approved sub-option was limiting anglers to 1 fish per day with a minimum size limit of 18 inches. It passed with by a 12-3 vote.

There was also a question about whether circle hooks should be mandatory when fishing with bait. Max Appelman, striper fishery management plan coordinator for ASMFC, told commissioners there was “little doubt that circle hooks save fish.” Circle hooks reduce fish mortality from “deep hooking” as the fish swallows the bait. Of the 5,003 comments received by the public related to circle hooks, 4,930 were in favor of their mandatory use.

The board approved unanimously the option requiring states to implement regulations requiring use of circle hooks with the intent of reducing striped bass release mortality in recreational fisheries.

The ASMFC board set Nov. 30, 2019 as the due date for draft implementation plans. The board will act on those plans in February 2020 with final regulations in place by April 1, 2020. The circle hook requirements must be in place by January 2021, ostensibly to allow charter outfits and bait and tackle shops to swap out gear and stock assortments.


Putting a lid on another great New York Fishing Season!

In this episode, George Scocca discusses the various options for New Jersey this year as lips are sealed up and down the coast on what their next move will be on striped bass. George speaks with the “Godfather” of fisheries management for recreational anglers, Tom Fote. We don’t have time to list all of his accomplishments here, so I’ll go with his signature Striped Bass Gamefish Bill he passed in his state while also keeping the commercial quota for recreational anglers.

George also has a great talk with Billy the Greek as they discuss everything from the good old days of bridge fishing and much more

Then there are many of our listener favorites that we’re sure you will enjoy.

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How To Fishing Blogs

Tog !!

Took another trip on the Bluefin IV with Captain Michael Potts , awesome Joe on deck. Sporty 20-25 NW breeze made the choice to go north a no brainer. Tough slog for the first 8 or 10 miles but we ended up in the lee on the other side and conditions were great. First drop was lock and load, drop , crunch , thump , thump swing! Only a couple of keepers to around 5 lbs so we poked offshore a bit and found some better fish on each consecutive drop along with a lot of 15” fish. Ended up with a near boat limit with 17 year old Super Sam Williams taking the pool with a 10 lb 4 oz beast ,the kid has serious togging skills, barely beating Mark’s 9 lb 12 oz pig. Good times with good friends and family.
New York Fishing Reports

Captains Table Tricky Tog

Friday, I sailed solo to scope out some new spots in anticipation for my charter scheduled for Saturday. On a new drop, also on the CT side, I was immediately into fast action on the start of the ebb. With a minimal of sorting smaller fish I had my 3 fish limit to 6# in about 45 minutes. I spent the next couple of hours testing some other “fishy looking” locations near Plum I. to keep in my back pocket for those days when the wind puffs steady out of the south. I caught a mix of shorts and keepers to return on each drop so Day 2 of the marathon for me was also quite successful.

Today I ran an “Open Boat Trip” for 4 anglers and based upon my solid results from the prior 2 days as well as last week’s limit trips I figured it would be a “cake walk” Naturally, the Tog had other thoughts in mind and I wound up swallowing a large piece of “humble pie”. We started on the CT shallow drop that was so good on Thursday but on the end of the flood instead of the ebb. Two hours of a strong effort only produced 4 smallish keepers.
Off we go to the nearby reef in 50’ but the new moon tides blew us off that piece in less than an hour. A lost of lost tackle, a number of short Tog and only one 17” keeper to show for our time there. So, I realized we needed to find another shallower piece of bottom more protected from the screaming tides.
The last drop of the day was a favorite 40’ spot near Fishers and while the ebb tide was pulling pretty hard there at least it was fishable. Again, a lot of sorting was experienced but we did eventually pull 6 more keepers to 5.5# for 2 hours-time. I can’t recall the last time I worked so hard to come up just one fish short of a boat limit. Just when you think you have Blackfish almost figured out, they throw you a curve. I guess it’s one of those challenges that keeps us coming back to the fight time and time again.

Looking forward to the next weather break and some lighter tidal flows to get back on track. Spots are still available on a few upcoming trips so give me a call if you want to get out.
Capt. Mike
516-317-5423 cell

New York Fishing Reports

Awesome day

Got out the morning with my buddy, we had 4 keeper blackfish today 2 fish at 17 a 18, and a just under 19, countless throwbacks and even lost a few nice fish had one at boat had to be easy 8 lb fish, that’s how it goes sometimes, great day with the weather and the fish were chewing hard. Till next time all stay safe out there.