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44-Pounds Bass Taken Today outside of Jones! Thanks Joe Leggio!

So today I had the pleasure of guiding Alan on his beautiful 36’ Tiara. He told me a bass never hit the deck on his boat. Ok no pressure. Lol. Went out of jones inlet, found the bait and put out the spoons. One hit and a miss 10 min in. About 25 min in the Rod goes screaming. The braid was being stripped at a rapid pace as I tried to get the other line in and keep the boat straight. Alan was very patient and kept constant pressure on the fish and aftr a terrific battle the fish was on the deck and the boat was Devirginized. She was 44.50 pounds. We trolled a bit longer with no other strikes. I said let’s grab some bunker and fish the massive schools. What a beautiful sight as full grown humpback whales fed on the abundance of bunker. As we were talking and enjoying the beauty of nature I see Alan’s rod get hit. I said he just hit your bait and before I could finish my sentence the line started peeling out. Alan was patient as he let the bunker get inhaled. He engaged the reel and the line kept screaming off. Another big one I said. The fish was very stubborn at Boat side and just kept diving to the bottom. But shortly after the big bass surfaced and I grabbed her and she was in the boat. She was clearly larger then the first bass but skinny. At the scales she weighed in at an even 45 pounds. It was a great day with lots of meat for all to enjoy for the weekend bbq


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Dec 29, 2018
WOW!!!!!!!!,,, 3 (y) (y) (y) s up guys now that is what i call catching,, a thing of beauty,, really nice bass,, stay well and catch them up,,,have a good nite,, i see you both had a good day8-),,,,,,,,,,,,, ><))):>


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Dec 22, 2018
What a gorgeous day of fishing all around!! Fantastic. Savor it and do it again!! Congratulation for Christian the boat!😉


Jan 31, 2019
"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning to dance in the rain."

Don - I love your signature line! Last week my girls soccer team was playing in the rain...and I told them to enjoy it, do the mud dance in the rain. These will be the games you remember!
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