Ponquogue, then Montauk, then Shinnecock.

Still having success at Ponquogue Bridge especially toward the top of the tide. The bass seem to range between 24 and 30 inches with most being about 26 or 27. I was catching them better at night then during the day but plenty of fish to be had and most of them bass.

It was about time for some bigger fish to start showing up out at the Point so I made my first Montauk run on Saturday night. Nothing – which is what I usually get my first one or two trips out there. Tried again on Monday night and found bait and a lot of blue fish. It felt good to have a tight line and ocean conditions were perfect, but after 9 big blue fish and one expensive lost lure, I was ready to leave Montauk. I left the yak outfitted and headed for Shinnecock (east side) for a possible ocean launch right before sunrise. I got hit by a deer (Yes, IT hit ME.) and I was looking for a silver lining.

When I got to Shinny I didn’t need to launch, as I could see birds on bait right in the surf, so I just grabbed my surf rod off the roof and tossed a bottle plug out. Three casts, 3 fish; the first two bass about 27-28 inches and the third a blue. After the sun rose, it was all blues.

Third trip to the Point was the charm. Drove very slowly in the fog. Got there a little bit earlier in the tide than I normally do and quickly dropped a nice fish. Didn’t get a look at it, so I told myself it was a bluefish. The next hit wasn’t. it was one of those unnerving times when you know you have hooked into a fish but the fish does not know that it has hooked into you. I quickly got my kayak positioned and can type with the line. The fish was big but my lure (and hook) was small so I needed a good set or I would pull it right out of its mouth. Patience and timing conspired to help me land a healthy 47 inch bass. I still have front end damage to pay for on my truck but now it somehow seems worthwhile.

I headed back home, woke up my son and dragged him down to Shinnecock to share in what I’d hoped would be a second morning of productive surfcasting. We got there after sunrise so it was only blue fish that were biting but the action was nonstop. My son and I were catching them off the beach on the east shore but folks on both sides of the inlet were getting lots of bluefish.

Good times. Catch em up.[ATTACH type=”full”]7461[/ATTACH][ATTACH type=”full”]7462[/ATTACH][ATTACH type=”full”]7463[/ATTACH][ATTACH type=”full”]7464[/ATTACH][ATTACH type=”full”]7466[/ATTACH][ATTACH type=”full”]7465[/ATTACH]

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