New York Fishing Reports

It worked out perfect.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than eating a raw fresh tuna! So far this has been a stellar year for tuna on some fo our popular fishing wrecks with the bite being fast and furious. Although things have been busy for me of late, I was lucky enough to have a bluefin show up at my door.

It all began when our Social Media and Event’s Coordinator, Jenna wanted to catch a tuna. My good friend Chris ran her out to the tuna grounds resulting in this:


Chris then texted me and asked if I’d like "a fish." Without hesitation, I responded with sure! About 30-minutes later Jenna shows up at my home with this beauty:


There’s something special to using my Bubba Blade on a tuna. I get a lot of enjoyment 1/4-ing up a fresh caught tuna, and I like eating it even more! Here’s today’s lunch.


Thank you Chris and Jenna!​

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