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Nicole’s Nantucket fluke

Some of you may know this chica Nicole as your mate on some party boats, or from on the surf…or maybe from her custom bucktails and teasers

Here’s just one of her Nantucket Monsters that of course took her customer teasers.

This fluke weighed in at 12.5 lbs while she also managed to pick up a few more doormats. She has one more day left on her 3 day trip, I say she’s going to beat 12.5 and get a 14 lber!

Way to go Nicole! Well deserved!

If you guys are interested in placing an order and looking at her work, here’s her info:
Nicole’s Custom Bucktails and Teasers
1 (631) 352-9620
Nicole Gaines (Facebook)

Nicoles custom bucktails and teasers (Facebook business page)

Nicoles_custom_bucktails (Instagram)


Well-Known Angler
Dec 29, 2018
yes indeed real nice,,, go get them 🧜‍♀️ 🐟 🙂,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ><))):>



Staff member
Dec 28, 2018
Nice ! I think we know some of the same people Nicole. I have a lot of history with a few of them !! Ask Mark who he worked deck for when he was 15. :)

I had Ryan out jigging bass when he was 14, I think ..... 8-)