New York Fishing Podcast Episode 7

In this episode of the New York Fishing Podcast, George speaks with Captain Joe Paradiso of the Nautic Lady. He is also President of the New York Sportfishing Federation, www.nysf.org . They talk about the role of the NYSF in protecting anglers’ rights and their Annual Fishing Show in Freeport.  Also in this epsiode of the New York Fishing Podcast, we play part two of the interview with Billy "The Greek" Legakis. The "Legend" talks about the old days of bridge fishing and how he attacks each season. Therefore, it’s a must listen to if you target striped bass.

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New Angler
Mar 6, 2019
Merrick NY
These have been great George. Just listened to this episode today at work great interviews. Since it's not far from my house I'm definitely going to check out the Freeport show.
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