Long Island Wind farms Approved

Two Offshore Wind Farms Get
The two offshore wind farms are in two different locations. One is about 14 miles south of Jones Beach. The other is about 30 miles east of Montauk Point. Combined they will produce 1,700 megawatts or renewable energy. As shown below they are going to be placed in prime fishing territory. Please notice the area of the leased underwater lands. They are much larger already clearing the way for more windfarm once they go into operation.
Could Hurt Local Fisherman and Environment.
Scallopers will no longer be able to scallop that area. “This isn’t just about fishermen,” said Bonnie Brady, the executive director of the Montauk-based Long Island Commercial Fishing Association. “This is about the environment. You’re industrializing the ocean floor.” Then of course rec boats will too have to keep away from them. If you look at the leased area, it’s evident that they will be adding to the 30-windmills in the very near future. This set will cost 2.1 billion dollars and Long Islanders will foot the bill. Any new Wind Farms will be paid by all NYS residents.

Image of Wind Farm Locations

Notice the leased area all ready to be filled with wind mills

Is This The Answer
I’m not opposed to clean energy – like nuclear – but I am concerned with these wind farms being another threat to the marine environment. Never mind all of the birds that they kill.  It’s the 30-miles of buried cable needed to get the energy to Long Island. Then consider that NYS has committed to 2,400 megawatts from offshore windmills over the next 10 years. And 9,000 megawatts by 2035! How much of our fishing grounds will be off-limits then? How much of the bottom will be ripped up? What effect does that have on our marine environment? Where will it end?
Don’t get me wrong as I support clean energy but . . .
I also enjoy fishing. I see this as another obstacle to going out and enjoying a peaceful day on the water.

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