Where have all the bluefish gone? E8

In this episode, I talk about my long-standing opposition to the original Bluefish plan that included the transfer of quota from the recreational sector to the commercial sector. Come to think of it now that we are seeing a separate for hire mode, why not give the fish to them. They won’t catch them either.

I also speak with Dustin Colson Learning, the ASMFC Fishery Management Plan Coordinator for Bluefish, northern shrimp, summer flounder, scup, winter flounder

We talk about the plans for the future of this great gamefish. The fact is that bluefish are in much worse shape than striped bass, yet no one seems to care. When you consider we’re catching too many striped bass, and too few bluefish that alone should explain it.

There are meetings up and down the coast on this I would ask all of our rec anglers to let the ASMFC know that we don’t want to see a transfer. When we release a fish, we want it to count.