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This Logbook Will Simply Amaze you

The mystery and history of the White Eagle Party Boatthat sailed out of Canarsie NY in the 1930’s
It was in the mid-1990s that I was given this logbook to make sure it was kept safe. So I safely hid somewhere so well that is was missing for over 20-years. I always found myself looking for it, and of course, it took my wonderful wife to find it yesterday. I am so relieved as I was always mesmerized by its contents.

I’m not sure when it dates back to, but it is an amazing work of art in its own right. It also gives us a peek into what it took to be a charter captain, back then. There are references to the 1930s in it. I really need to know more about this boat and its Captain. I found a photo of the White Eagle II on but that was the best I could do. Below the photo, you will see just the first 3-pages of a logbook that describes in detail what it was like to be a Party Boat owner in the good old days of Brooklyn! I’ve het to find any information on Capt: Hon William Rank. But it is simply too see he took his fishing seriously.

Just read between the lines and you will see a picture of what it was like to navigate to bottom pieces, predict weather and so much more. The book is old and fragile so I’m taking care to take a clear pic of each page so I can have my wife store it for me this time.

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If anyone has any info, on this vessel please let me know. I will follow these up with more in the coming weeks. This Brooklyn Party Boat Logbook, looks like they were using a totally different type of GPS and bottom finder than we have today.

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Any thought to having it restored and have it exhibited in an appropriate venue? Maybe have it didgitized and put on the Website? Just some random thoughts. It’s a gem.
I'm not sure about having it restored as it is fragile. I would love to connect with his family, they should have it. I do plan to take a photo of each page individually and making it available here.

Here's another one. Far from the apps, we have today.

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Be careful George, you may be accused of ’spot burning’ 8-)
That’s what it was like way back in the day.
This truly is a look into the mind of a Charter Captain of an error come and gone.

I 'm curious how many of these rigs we still use today? And how many new ones since?

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Here is another example of the amount of detail this Captain had. Zoom in on the notes. It tells the story.

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I love these two. I've come to discover that he was considered one of the best of his time with books like this. I wonder, was he doing a rough sketch at sea and then a cleaner copy when he returned. Notice the detail on the number of poles. I'm not that familiar with the inshore and offshore of the Grave Yard, Sea Bright NJ, but these sure intrigue me.

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Matt Ahern and the LIF, what a kick in the memory that was.
I was able (hopefully) to determine that the Captains name was Connie Rank with the possible middle name of William. Unfortunately I was unable to conjure up anything else by way of Google.
That's interesting. That explains the letters on his name Con -

Here are a few more with just his handwriting. And look at how precise they had to run. I've read all about before but this somehow is bringing it to life.

Here are a few more pics of this masterpiece:

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