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Striped Bass are right on time

Striped bass are right ontime as they gather to head up the Hudson to spawn. But that not stoping catch and release anglers from gettin in on the fun. There are new regualtions this year whch you can find here

@_dangram_ hoisting a nice fish caught on a @ccwnj08302 DP4.
“It has been difficult to do trips this season with the ongoing situation but with the little time I’ve had on the water has been very eventful thanks to the new CCW DP4. Getting down 10-15 feet in a few fast cranks, this plug calls in fish of all sizes from all depths of the water column. The best way to describe the action is that of the heavy pulsating action of a bunker spoon but still maintaining a tight irresistible wiggle”

fridays bass.jpg
Fishing New York Waters

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