Happy Opening Day For Striped Bass in New York! – Don’t forget the new regulations.


Hello All You New York Striped Bass Anglers, The day is here, opening day! New regulations are in place so please abide by them. For the first time in the history of this state we now have a slot size. In order to keep one bass a day, it must be between 28-35-inches. All other fish must be released. I’m an "if it’s not broken don’t fix it" kinda guy, and the one fish per day over 36-inches sure worked well in the ’90s. Now we’ll see how well the slot does. The slot changes a lot including the many bass tourneys up and down the coast as well as the dream to land that 50-pounder. But we will do whatever we can to rebuild the fishery.

Next year we will be adding mandatory circle hooks for anglers using bait.

I realize for many of you this is a moot point as our boats are locked in their yards, and we’re on hold all day dealing with some sort of financial issue. But those are the exact people that need to get outdoors and make the best of a really bad situation. And help get the economy going at the same time.

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