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Misfit Kayak Fishing – Putting in the Work

At Ponquogue it went from lights-out fishing to slim pickings, then back to a solid bite again – with a little chaos mixed in – all in a span of about 5 days. How’s that for a report? I’ll call it hit-or-miss. The fishing was great until a surge of newbies and out-of-towners arrived and really changed the tone of the place at night, and not for the better. Police showed up to ensure that only those with valid permits were there. I would suggest to the intrepid angler who’s arriving for their tide with the crowd and taking a position on the bridge for the next 3 hours to step away from the crowd and walk the bay beach eastward. There are a lot of nice stripers to be had that will ensure both a good fight and some social distance. Same goes for Ponquogue ocean beach; a short walk east from the pavillion provides a mile of surf casting opportunity. So the fishing around Ponquogue (bridge and ocean beach) is hit-or-miss. It’s "hit" if you pay attention to the tides, and it’s "miss" if you just show up. The real estate around there right now is too valuable of a commodity for me to just give up my most View attachment 20121productive tide, but I can say that trolling a crystal minnow got me the fish I had on this last trip – 8 bass up to 28 inches and 2 cocktail View attachment 20119blues.
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