New York Fishing Reports

Shinny Bluefin

Headed out Sunday with wife Jo-Ann and son Cody to the jigging grounds for a shot at a bluefin. We had immediate bites on jigs near the bottom. Missed 5 bites before hooking up. Fought that fish for 10 minutes, had it 30’ from the boat when the hook pulled (damm) . Reset 1 min later Jo-Ann hooks up, she gave up the rod after 14 seconds so Cody took over.20 min later got the gaff shot.64”. 146lbs back at Oakland’s scale. Great day1194B96B-D80D-4E0E-9B1E-BC6E42E70CCB.jpeg

I have to tell this experience I had with my younger son Tuna fishing on the Lady Frances back in 1991 when my son graduated high school, I booked the trip which included my best friend and we headed out to the canyons, The LF setup for the night it was 12 am.
Their were squid all around the boat, I got out my squid rig and nailed 1 good jumbo, I baited up my sons outfit and proceeded to drop the line down to 120 ft.
I told my son, your all set, I didn't walk more than 3 feet when the rod went off, my son grabs the rod and with help of the crew, he landed his first YFT, an 80lb beauty, I looked at my buddy he looked at me and we both laughed, well my son comes over to where we are sitting and say's well, I got mine, I'm going to bed, I was like , What, really, you don't want to fish for more, nope, I'm good he said and down he went, in the meantime, my buddy and I waited till 6 am before we finally got a shot at ours, the squid dispersed after my son caught his fish, they returned around 6 in the morning where I caught 4 and baited up my buddies outfit, by the way he ways sleeping on the bench seat sitting up, I dropped his line down then mine, my line went off first, 6 minutes later I had a nice 50lb YFT, then my buddies line went off, but he was still sleeping, I set the hook and kicked him in the leg lol, he woke up and i handed him the rod, my son comes up from his sleep and and asked if we caught anything, I gave him the evil eye, my buddy was struggling with his fish, so my son offered to take over, my buddy says, don't get cocky kid, we ended up with 2 fish ea. and my son was hooked, we took many trips together over the years, but when he started a family of his own in 2001, we stopped going, I still fished till 2011, when I gave it up, I saw a dramatic change in the fishery, YFT just seemed to be harder to come by and most fish were 40lbs or less, some trips we came back with nothing but Mahi, just couldn't justify the cost, but I'm glad that people are catching tuna, be it BFT, YFT or big eyes, my favorite, it's good to see they are out there.