E19 – Chris Paparo @fishguyphotos

In this special podcast edition your host, George Scocca speaks with Chris Paparo, aka the @fishguyphotos Chris is out there every day looking for that surprise. His knowledge and passion for conservation and his incredible talent at capturing it on film. You will learn more about what we have swimming in our fertile New York waters. His photo’s and film capture the essence of the diversity of beauty l Long Island has to offer.

Humpback Whale New York

Chris Papro get this unbelievable shot of a humpback just off of South Hampton beach earlier this year

Menhaden Filtering New York Waters

Menhaden are a very important piece of the marine ecosystem. In addition to providing food for predictors like striped bass, bluefish and even whales, they filter our waters all day long!

Listen In

I encourage you to listen to this eye-opening interview and when you finished check out some of his great videos.

Humpback Whale

I huge humpback peeks his head up as no one on the beach even sees it!

Check Out His Postings

The photo above by Chris Papro shows just how oblivious we all can be when taking advantage of the beautiful summers. What they don’t know is where there are whales, there is bait. The same bait that sharks eat. Although their chances of being bitten by a shark are between slim and none. But if they didn’t see this monster they’re sure not going to see a small shark swimming by.

The photos and drone video that Chris Paparo give us all a deep view into what a treasure Long Island truly is. Full of wildlife that continues to adapt, adjust, in spite of the many challenges it faces.

It was a great pleasure speaking with him and I encourage anyone that appreciates this beautiful Island we call home to check around his various social media sites. We’re honored to have him here on this New York Fishing Podcast.

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