NYSDEC Talks Fishing Regulations for 2021

In this special episode of the New York Fishing Podcast, I speak with Mr. John Maniscalco, the Bureau Chief of Marine Fisheries for the NYSDEC. It’s an interesting episode as they discuss any and all fishing regulation changes for the 2021 season for the New York State recreational angler. They cover the new circle hook requirement for fishing for striped bass with bait. In addition, I give a quick overview of how we manage our saltwater fisheries. The processes involved when making the regulation decisions.

We also discuss tog fish pots, fluke in the Long Island Sound, as well as the changes we’re seeing with the increase of sea bass and the absence of inshore winter flounder. This is a must-hear for New York recreational anglers as they get to hear what’s coming and get an education on the complex issue of fisheries management.

I did ask a few questions that I took from our boards, and I’m confident you will find this interesting.
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Actually he does, and the answer is in the thread.
Did I miss the use of Berkley Gulp or pork rind on a jig ? I did hear that if one uses (I don't) squid or a spearing on a j-hook jig and catches a slot striper that the reg will probably require the striper be released.
Since Fat Cow and Gulp are synthetics not so sure about those. Except for when I surfcast in the fall (and don't use bait of any sort) I will not have to worry about striper by-catch. Perhaps when I liveline but I usually only do that backbay off the yak and the waters are WARM. Personally ? Selfishly ? So just like the china virus didn't impact me compared to many others, this circle hook stuff won't much either.
He did say that they have not made a final determination on what can be used. States will now make recommendations to asmfc and then decide from there.
So if you use a bucktail with squid and want to keep the striper, you have to use a circle hook? Do they even sell circle hook bucktails?

If your intent is to catch striped bass while using a bucktail and you use nothing (like John Paduano when he snap jigs) your good. Add a pork rind or Gulp or Fat Cow and you have to realize it?
When I asked about that John was clear that this is one of many what if's that need to be worked out.
Just listened to the entire podcast. You asked a lot of great questions George. He mentioned the lack of sampling this year due to Covid. I think this would have been a good time to ask about his thoughts of having the partyboats contribute their catch data, submitted via a smartphone app.
I have tried to assist party boats over and over again only to be demonized by the few Capt's that like to think they're the party boat mafia. I'm way beyond allowing trolls to get to me, but sadly some of their BS sticks. Imagine that Captain James Schneider of the James Joseph in Huntington actually called me on the phone to congratulate me when he heard my brother died. Now I see it looks like he actually has a following. Sad. The truth is there screaming and yelling at various meetings have gotten them nowhere. That's why the south shore gets 4 tog and the north shore gets just 3. He was screaming and yelling and cursing, and dropping tog on the floor at that hearing. Mind you this is a 23 old kid, that works for ASMFC simply trying to show a PPT on the fishery. It was an embarrassment to the entire industry. I see that worked out well

There are many great party boat and charter boat captains that are very successful because they know how to keep their fares happy. And they have been huge supporters of my efforts to improve both our fisheries and the sportfishing business. My door is always open to them and they know it. My record is clear, I view a party boat as a taxi taking anglers to the fish. Without that, they could never experience our glorious shore-like and great fishery is has to offer. But I would never suggest using party boat data without their input. But I did think about it.

Again I stress the vast majority of Captains are levelheaded and understand the business, and those are welcome here or on my podcast anytime.
You make valid points. I know the fellow you mentioned through mutual friends and have heard many, many stories. I even fished with him a few times. There are always a few bad apples, and that is on all sides. Most of the captains I know or have worked with are levelheaded and respect the fishery. If the fishery thrives, their businesses follow suit. In order for them to input the data they would need to be included and see the value, you and I both know not everyone will be onboard with this. The ones that don't partake would then have nothing to complain about because they are not trying to be part of the solution, but part of the problem. I am not really sure how smaller sample sizes due to the pandemic is going to help anyone. Just my 2 cents.
I both get it, and agree.
Yeah, I heard that too and was hoping he had just "mispoke." (Or that he really meant that you can use tapioca both north and south of the GW...) There was another really major word miscue, I have even forgotten what it was, since I thought it was obvious to listeners that one would catch it and know what he actually wanted to say.
You know what disturbed me the most @george? How he said they didn't want 2 different bait regs, between Hudson River and the coast because it would be confusing for the ECOs. Well DUH, the fish regulations are different from above and below the GW bridge, so his "concerns" are totally unfounded.

I don' think the ECO's were the ones he was worried about.

Here is a pice of the transcript -

Mr. John Maniscalco:
And what we're gonna encounter now is, uh, you know, potentially a different bait definition, um, you know, as soon as you cross the bridge, right? So while that's a nice clear line, uh, from an enforcement perspective, uh, that's one of the things that will drive an angler crazy, that they can use one kind of bait here but on the other side of that bridge, they're not gonna be able to use that bait.

Mr. John Maniscalco:
So not only was it... you know, it was an easy first step to take the same, to take the same bait definition, but it also would have helped enforcement and also kind of remove any kind of confusion. Now, uh, we do listen, um, and the regulation that, you know, thus far is a proposed rule and the point of a proposed rule is to allow the public to give public comment and we will be taking public comment on the proposed rule through March 8th.
OK, so if we use this logic, with the GW Bridge as the "DMZ" for some bass regulations, it could easily "pick up" additional ones like using the Fresh Water Natural Bait definition above the bridge and having a separate, more realistic one for "Natural Marine Baits" under the bridge, correct?

BTW, this does beg another question, does NJ have it's own set of Hudson River regulations or did they cover it with their "Bonus Rape Tag" program?
I'm confident that is what's going to happen. We currently have two separate regs on size once you pass the GW, so why not bait?
There is a definite correlation between our warming waters and the insurgence of sea bass. I have a special I'm putting together now by scientists that predicted exactly what were seeing 10- years ago.

Thanks for listening.

In my part of the south shore bay sea bass are just a nuisance since they are rarely of legal size. I stopped fishing for blackfish for the same reason and instead start surfcasting for stripers and blues once my tootsies get a bit too cold in the yak and the winds pick up. Drop the size limit a bit and people not on ocean going boats would rediscover this great eating fish.
@Roccus7 The study was always being conducted by Maine and Mass.
Too busy here killing off those elderly nursing home patients. If Princess Andie can hold off screaming at poor legislator Kim maybe he will call our DEC. I never did try a tube and worm with live sandworms, just Gulp ones, and quickly switched back to jigging Gulp on bucktails.
Yup, and they’re asking for individual anglers to also provide data.

Let’s see if NY does the same and becomes active participants instead of sitting on the sidelines.
The study is going to be tough enough to get anglers involved in the states that are conducting the test. I'm sure if NY, or any other state for that matter, were part of the study, anglers would comply. ASMFC could have easily;y requested all states to take part in the survey.

Besides I personally have a lot of faith in my northern friends :)