New York Fishing Reports

Captains Table- Passing the Baton

Today’s charter with the Angelo party was a special one indeed. With the help of his dad and Grandfather we created a “newly minted” angler in 6 y/o Elias. Our voyage was his first ever on a boat as well as first ever fishing trip. I set us up on one of my favorite and well protected Porgy drops and as soon as the chum pot and lines went down the Porgies started flying over the rail.

Young Elias proved to be a very quick learner and within about 10 minutes he was working the tackle effectively while watching for the bites, setting the hook, and reeling in his prize all by himself. The kid is a natural! He caught well over a dozen fish including a few double headers. The Scup today were very nice sized fish with several pushing the 2 # mark.

Elias’ Dad took top honors catching 2 of the 3 nice Weakfish landed today including a pretty 5# fish. I think I made a lifelong friend by also having the boy’s favorite Chocolate Mint and Oreo cookies aboard as his reward for a job well done. IMHO nothing beats showing a child the wonders of the sport we all love so much. Today’s trip is definitely one of the big reasons I love my charter business.


Area: North Fork