In this episode of the New York Fishing Podcast, I speak with Mr. Chris Papro on a number of topics in the marine life around Long Island. Most recently the big news is that Long Islanders have now found out that we actually have sharks around sand tiger sharks here!

Chis aka @fishphotoguy spends plenty of time in around our waters and he captures some great content. He also does a lot of hands-on work with sharks and other pelagics and he’s a wealth of information on the subject.

Give it a listen as we talk about the recent in-shore shark “nibbles” that have beachgoers out of the water. We also discuss the positive effect of our New York State bunker populations. If not for these bunker we would never see the great fishery we have here today!


New Angler
Sep 21, 2020
George, This is an excellent podcast with Chris. Got to get the word out, sharks live in the ocean, it’s their home. Keep up the good work!
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