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Headed outta Jones with the boys and nailed a good one. Jumped twice and put on a show! Had all different baits but this guy took the old faithful bunker. We finished up our chum and we were about to pull then BAM we’re on! The rest is history and delicious steaks on the grill!


Part 1 of a special series on the Long Island Sound This is the first of a series of special podcasts George will be hosting that is related to the Long Island Sound. Professor Eric T Schultz headed the Long Island Sound Tautog Study. The Bio-economic Outcomes under Alternative Management Strategies with Human Choice and …

Pregnant Striped Bass

Plus Local Reports From Smallmouth to Bluefin! Is a Slot for Striped Bass the answer? George Scocca, the founder of Nor’east Saltwater and, gives his case of why a slot fish is not the answer for striped bass. Do you agree or disagree? George also talks about why he does support a slot for …

New York Fishing Reports

One of my friends caught this beauty of a thresher shak yesterday out by the Mud Hole. 6-foot long and a tail just as long.

New York Fishing Reports

​ Big Eyes and Bluefin Tuna on the Chew We have confirmed that a number of bluefin have been caught between 15-18- miles off the coast of New York. They seem to be following the huge amount of bait and fish have been taken from south of Moriches to Montauk. I had no time to …

15 pound fluke
New York Fishing Reports

Weighed in at Stella Maris yesterday morning 15.1lb 33inches caught by Anthony Monteforte aka Tony Fish…… ​

How To Fishing Blogs

My Joyce IIIMontauk, NYWe had a great afternoon yesterday with the Street family. There were tons of jig action, with plenty of short stripers and big blues. The rods were bent all afternoon! A nice trip to get the ball rolling! Call My Joyce Charters for availability at 516-641-2138 ​

How To Fishing Blogs

At Ponquogue it went from lights-out fishing to slim pickings, then back to a solid bite again – with a little chaos mixed in – all in a span of about 5 days. How’s that for a report? I’ll call it hit-or-miss. The fishing was great until a surge of newbies and out-of-towners arrived and …

Kayak Fishing Tournament
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I consider myself fortunate in a lot of ways, not the least of which is that most recently I am able to pursue my favorite activity largely unaffected by closures and personal distance restrictions. (Misfit Kayak Fishing Team has proudly been socially distant for over a decade now .) Anyway, this past weekend being the …

Striped Bass Poachers

It never fails, this time of year greedy poachers with zero respect for fisheriers management took it upon themselves to take what they thought was fair. But gill netting striped bass is illegal in this state. My hat is off to the retired trooper that dropped the dime on them.On May 7, a retired New …