New York Fishing Reports

A Fishing Story

Feel free to post your own and add to this one. This is mine.:

A brief fishing story @ the Fish Tails Canyon.

It was 4am when my clients arrived at the dock. My boat was ready,: the fishing gear in place, safety equipment on, weather reviewed again, sea temp charts, course plotted., boat iced up. I was up all night.

When we left the inlet under cover of the new moon, It would be about a 2 hour run to the fishing grounds; traveling from darkness through to the grey light, when the stars go down and the early sun decides to reveal her face, from east to west, across the wind swept waves in front of my bow. And when the dark submits to this new day, and the vastness of mother ocean spreads her morning wings, stretches… yawning slightly, she welcomes us back again. How fortunate we are, to ride along her waves.

I am humbled. And in good company with clients I call friends. This was to be a good day of fishing in the Northeast Atlantic Canyons On the Edge.