Long Island Sound Fishing Report

Celtic Quest Kids Camp

Working on boats the past 4 years I can honestly say this has been one of my favorite experiences is getting a chance to teach kids all about fishing and see them develop a passion and interest in this sport.
I’m so impressed by them…I say this because a lot of these kids I met 3 weeks ago knew nothing about fishing, scared to put clam on a hook and even touch the fish…now here they are 3 weeks later teaching the new group of kids how to fish and bait hooks and take the fish off the hooks and even coming back with more and more questions each time. Never thought I could be so proud to watch kids grow over just a couple of weeks.
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White Marlin

When a couple of captains get together its always a good time. When a couple captains fish together it makes for a trip of a lifetime.

While drifting around for threshers at the shark grounds and swinging in some Montauk local native species such as seabass and ling…the unexpected happened after safely releasing a Dusky…a WHITE MARLIN TOOK THE LIVE BLUE FISH ON THE WIRE LEADER.
The marlin met regulations coming in at 69 inches in the fork. These fish stop maturing at 51 inches and the legal size to keep is 66 inches from lower jaw to fork length, and of course a HMS permit is needed to keep them.

White marlin typically live in areas of 71 degrees or higher and typically found in canyons and shoals and depths of about 325 feet, however they can make their guest appearance at 50 ft…when in such shallow areas this is known as "tailing" in which only the dorsal lobe of the tail fin is visible above the surface of the water.
As far as feeding goes for them, they are sight feeders, feed during the day, and they go after bait such as mackerel, dolphin, squid , herring, flying fish, and crabs. (No wonder they taste so good)
With the facts i listed above can any of you guess where this was caught? After talking to a bunch of experienced salty dogs today they had told me it used to be like this in the 60’s!
Were any of you around for that? If so please tell me your stories, i would love to hear them and even see pictures!

Pictured is Captain Daniel of Double D charters in montauk!

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Nicole’s Nantucket fluke

Some of you may know this chica Nicole as your mate on some party boats, or from on the surf…or maybe from her custom bucktails and teasers

Here’s just one of her Nantucket Monsters that of course took her customer teasers.

This fluke weighed in at 12.5 lbs while she also managed to pick up a few more doormats. She has one more day left on her 3 day trip, I say she’s going to beat 12.5 and get a 14 lber!

Way to go Nicole! Well deserved!

If you guys are interested in placing an order and looking at her work, here’s her info:
Nicole’s Custom Bucktails and Teasers
1 (631) 352-9620
Nicole Gaines (Facebook)

Nicoles custom bucktails and teasers (Facebook business page)

Nicoles_custom_bucktails (Instagram)

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The elusive Long Island sound fluke

I think it’s safe to say that fluking in the sound has definitely died down in the past few years. Of course this from MY OWN observations.

However my dad was fortunate enough to get on his boat with his girlfriend and managed to get one keeper each at 19 inches while releasing 6 shorts all at 18 inches.

I guess his boat has more of purpose than just black fishing now 😂

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Ocean fluke Bite

Hey everybody! Hope you all had a good weekend and we’re able to get out. On Saturday Anthony (who runs our social media) ran out of Shinnecock where he put me on this beautiful 8+ lber (weighed after being bled) and 4.6 lber. I was using a John Kim ball jig with Nuclear Chicken grub. Feeling super grateful for this weekend and got some much needed relaxation. Hope everybody has a good monday 🤙🏻💙EF9C2B30-30C3-48DD-B531-0FBA1251AB4F.jpeg