New York Fishing Reports

Another successful Superhawk Fishing Adventure 12.13.2019

Hopped on the Superhawk from Point Lookout yesterday for another wildly successful trip fishing deep ocean wrecks. I had very good luck and managed a huge harvest of an easy limit of c bass to 6 pounds( throwing back c bass to 3 lbs.), over 20 monsta porgies, 6 bonita. ling, limit of delicious 2-3 lb cocktail blues. Others’ catches included pollock and pinfish too. NOT a single dogfish for me the entire trip. Also was a great break in for a brand new Atlantic Custom Rod from Capt Richie. The professional crew was always where they needed to be . Thank you Chris, Mike and Mike. Special thanks to Captain Steve Kearny for putting us on the location for superb success. This boat is recommended. :)(y)(y)(y)

Superhawk jumbo c bass 12.13.19.jpg

New York Fishing Reports

A-Team fluke charter Gypsea Star

very enjoyable fun filled day with the A-Team fluke charter in Jamaica Bay today. Got my first keepers finally for 2019, yay. non stop life there the whole day. over 20 keepers to 11 1/2 pounds, amazing amount of shorts, jumbo robins and many delicious cocktail blues to spice up the mix. my keepers look like shorts next to that 11 1/2 lb beast! the 3 keepers pic is an 11.5, 8.5 and 7 lber. Hot bite going on over there. think it will bust open this week with the improving temps and getting off yesterday’s full moon. Captain did a great job.
Thanks to Kal our charter master for putting together a successful and awesome trip. 8-)👍👍5804