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Thank Poseidon I Didn’t Have My Tuna Gear Aboard This AM

Because of the moon tide, I couldn’t get out this AM until 7:15, so I got my act together and left then, destined for my hot cod spot. Of course since my trip out of the harbor passed my favorite early incoming bass spot I took a drift where I dropped one, but time was wasting and there were cod to be had. Out in the bay I was concerned about the breeze which was more than the light ones the forecasters had predicted, but the 6-8 ft swells coming in the other direction were of a sufficiently long wavelength to keep thing fishable. As I drove out into the open ocean I saw huge splashes popping up here and there which I assumed to be tuna, but couldn’t positively ID because of the swells and chop, and because I saw some swarms of harbor porpoises also feeding on the surface.

When I got to my range and dropped I started catching cod immediately and had a 20 min drift good for 10+ fish, all tossed back because they were too small. Unfortunately during that 20 minutes the wind rose to a good steady 15 kts. When a gust over 20 kts hit the boat I said, screw this I’m out of here.

However during the drift the splashes moved closer and yes I could finally confirm them as tuna when a 6ish ft fish came a good 8 ft out of the water to let me know Charlie was in the building. Thank Poseidon that I took the tuna rod off the boat earlier in the week. Had it been there, I would have probably made a poor decision and thrown the spreader bar over in swells of 8 ft, a chop of 3 ft, 15 kt winds and by myself trolling in an area full of lobster gear.

It would have ended badly for sure had I hooked up, but it would have been on hell of an epic fail tale…

I got to lick my wounds upon returning to the harbor where I hit my favorite mid-tide incoming water spot for a pair of 24" bass. All in all better than sitting around watching the Sunday AM Talk Shows…