Long Island Sound Fishing Report

Tog are chewing away

Togs are chewing away! At this point, most reports we’re getting are that blackish are chewing well in 47-48 degree water temps, in shallow water. It’s blowing pretty strong out there today so we don’t expect to get many more.

Cooper is all smiles while getting in on the April tautog season.

april tog.jpg

@cooper.bohner on some nice spring time tog 💪🏼
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New York Fishing Reports

Striped Bass are right on time

Striped bass are right ontime as they gather to head up the Hudson to spawn. But that not stoping catch and release anglers from gettin in on the fun. There are new regualtions this year whch you can find here

@_dangram_ hoisting a nice fish caught on a @ccwnj08302 DP4.
“It has been difficult to do trips this season with the ongoing situation but with the little time I’ve had on the water has been very eventful thanks to the new CCW DP4. Getting down 10-15 feet in a few fast cranks, this plug calls in fish of all sizes from all depths of the water column. The best way to describe the action is that of the heavy pulsating action of a bunker spoon but still maintaining a tight irresistible wiggle”

fridays bass.jpg
New York Fishing Reports

23 Codfish, 70 big red hake and more! on the Laura Lee

Local Open Boat Action! Get in on it while you can.
If you too enjoy bottom fishing then it’s time to break your cabin fever and get yourself a on a local boat for some New York Cod Fishing and everything else that’s around! This is the time of year to take advantage of this great action that your local open/charter boat will get you.

Laura Lee Fleet

This great weather and skilled anglers has combined for a bottom fishing bonanza! This trip turned into more than just just cod fishing.
laura lee 2.jpg
The 6 AM trip today caught 23 Codfish, 70 Big Red Hake, 1 Monkfish, 19 Sea Bass, 35 Ocean Pout, 55 Big Cape Shark, 26 Cunner, 1 Fluke, 1 Sundial, and 2 Silver Eels.


Visit Captree.com to purchase your tickets

And tell them you saw it on your new favorite fishing website www.nyangler.com

3 Day TNT 8/31-9/3 Viking FiveStar Fishing

viking sword.jpg

We had another excellent trip offshore over Labor Day weekend! We got our limit of Yellow fin from 30-80lbs a decent mess of Golden and grey tiles with some pollock, hake and barrel fish mixed in, a handful of mahi and a beauty sword that weighed in at 220lbs! Day one we managed 7 nice yellows on the troll and didn’t do any bottom fishing due to the unfavorable conditions. That night we picked a few yellows early then fought the sword for a good while and as soon as he was on the deck the yellows attacked! From 3am thru sun up we had non stop action on the bait and jigs with fish jumping all around the boat after first light. Mid morning we got back on troll and picked a couple small yellows that we released and then we put the afternoon in bottom fishing. We still didn’t have idea conditions but we managed a nice catch. At sundown the guys were worn out and agreed to go in early rather then fish the second night to play catch and release. Over all another great trip with a good group of guys. Congrats to our regular customer Bruce Wahl who did a hell of a job on the rod with the sword!
With hurricane Dorian coming our way later this week we will not be getting back offshore until the beginning of next week. This break will give us some time for our regular maintenance and a trip to Trophy Fishing Tackle -www.trophytackle.com / www.tunafishtackle.com to load up on chunking tackle!
We have a couple openings on some trips in the end of the month but they are filling up quick! We also have our fall bottom fishing trips starting in October and the weekend trips are filling up fast!! Give us a call at the office for all bookings before it’s too late!

We also have the new T-shirt’s in at the office but only in limited numbers and they are going quick!