New York Fishing Reports

23 Codfish, 70 big red hake and more! on the Laura Lee

Local Open Boat Action! Get in on it while you can.
If you too enjoy bottom fishing then it’s time to break your cabin fever and get yourself a on a local boat for some New York Cod Fishing and everything else that’s around! This is the time of year to take advantage of this great action that your local open/charter boat will get you.

Laura Lee Fleet

This great weather and skilled anglers has combined for a bottom fishing bonanza! This trip turned into more than just just cod fishing.
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The 6 AM trip today caught 23 Codfish, 70 Big Red Hake, 1 Monkfish, 19 Sea Bass, 35 Ocean Pout, 55 Big Cape Shark, 26 Cunner, 1 Fluke, 1 Sundial, and 2 Silver Eels.


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New York Fishing Reports

Hampton Lady Cod

Hampton Lady Fishing

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SUN 2/9/20 🐟☘Wasn’t sure what to expect after the previous days storm and 70kt winds. Dirty water inshore was lifeless as the bottom was still churned up. Looked around and found some fish to work on but still wasn’t what i hoped for or the type of fishing we have been having. Dogs got blown into town which made it difficult at times for us as well.
Boat Regulars Gene O. and Mike K. led the way with 10 pieces in the box with Genes good enough for the pool.
Thanks guys for making the trip out with us, gonna let the dust settle this week and pick it back up on Saturday!

☘Next Trip is this Saturday 02/15/20

Do not wait to book as trips fill quickly on weekends.

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👉15 passengers Max


👉Private Charters available

🐟SAT 02/15/20 4am-4pm Wreck Trip

🚘Exit 65s on ST-27 (Sunrise HWY)

New York Fishing Reports

Superhawk local cod 1/02/2020

Had a lucky day yesterday on the Superhawk out of Point Lookout . It was their first cod trip of the season. I shuffled through about 15 cod and managed 7 nice market cod keepers. The cod were tight to the bottom and those of us with our hooks set lower had best results. I tied only a 6 inch dropper with 50LB leader 18 inches above my sinker using a Gami 6/0 bait Baccala 1.jpgBaccala 2.jpgBaccala 3.jpgholder. No jelly worms or jewelry of any kind. Plain Jane all the way. I know it made all the difference in the world that the boat had fresh and unsalted clams. Thanks to the mates and especially Captain Steve Kearney who gave us the best chances for success. This boat is recommended. :)(y)(y)(y),
New York Fishing Reports

Another successful Superhawk Fishing Adventure 12.13.2019

Hopped on the Superhawk from Point Lookout yesterday for another wildly successful trip fishing deep ocean wrecks. I had very good luck and managed a huge harvest of an easy limit of c bass to 6 pounds( throwing back c bass to 3 lbs.), over 20 monsta porgies, 6 bonita. ling, limit of delicious 2-3 lb cocktail blues. Others’ catches included pollock and pinfish too. NOT a single dogfish for me the entire trip. Also was a great break in for a brand new Atlantic Custom Rod from Capt Richie. The professional crew was always where they needed to be . Thank you Chris, Mike and Mike. Special thanks to Captain Steve Kearny for putting us on the location for superb success. This boat is recommended. :)(y)(y)(y)

Superhawk jumbo c bass 12.13.19.jpg

New York Fishing Reports

Captains Table Tricky Tog

Friday, I sailed solo to scope out some new spots in anticipation for my charter scheduled for Saturday. On a new drop, also on the CT side, I was immediately into fast action on the start of the ebb. With a minimal of sorting smaller fish I had my 3 fish limit to 6# in about 45 minutes. I spent the next couple of hours testing some other “fishy looking” locations near Plum I. to keep in my back pocket for those days when the wind puffs steady out of the south. I caught a mix of shorts and keepers to return on each drop so Day 2 of the marathon for me was also quite successful.

Today I ran an “Open Boat Trip” for 4 anglers and based upon my solid results from the prior 2 days as well as last week’s limit trips I figured it would be a “cake walk” Naturally, the Tog had other thoughts in mind and I wound up swallowing a large piece of “humble pie”. We started on the CT shallow drop that was so good on Thursday but on the end of the flood instead of the ebb. Two hours of a strong effort only produced 4 smallish keepers.
Off we go to the nearby reef in 50’ but the new moon tides blew us off that piece in less than an hour. A lost of lost tackle, a number of short Tog and only one 17” keeper to show for our time there. So, I realized we needed to find another shallower piece of bottom more protected from the screaming tides.
The last drop of the day was a favorite 40’ spot near Fishers and while the ebb tide was pulling pretty hard there at least it was fishable. Again, a lot of sorting was experienced but we did eventually pull 6 more keepers to 5.5# for 2 hours-time. I can’t recall the last time I worked so hard to come up just one fish short of a boat limit. Just when you think you have Blackfish almost figured out, they throw you a curve. I guess it’s one of those challenges that keeps us coming back to the fight time and time again.

Looking forward to the next weather break and some lighter tidal flows to get back on track. Spots are still available on a few upcoming trips so give me a call if you want to get out.
Capt. Mike
516-317-5423 cell