New York Fishing Reports

Another limit today

Left the dock at 1PM today with Co Captain Bob. The photo below shows 5 fish and as we were taking the photo, a dead stick produced our final fish, a keeper. So we got the limit with the largest fish being 6 lbs. Stocking up the freezer for winter. I highly recommend a vacuum packer if you plan to freeze your fish. You bag the filet first and let it freeze, then you vacuum the air out so the fish does not lose water having been frozen first. 4 months later, when thawed it tastes like it was just caught. Once again, all fish were caught in less than 25 feet and very interestingly about 25-30% were keepers. This is much better than last year when you needed to go through 35-50 shorts to get a keeper, so things look promising, at least where we are fishing.
Finally, as an FYI, yesterday’s fishing was lousy with very few bites on known blackfish spots.

Wishing everyone tight lines and perfect blackfish!
Best regards
Captain Ray

New York Fishing Reports


Spent a week out in montauk fishing and enjoying the area for the week. We did pretty good with the fluke and got lucky and had several big fish with 4 DDs. Tough drifting conditions for a few days but when when the conditions “aligned” the big fish really chewed.

Spent Friday on coxes for cod and the fishing was very good. Besides getting our limit of cod we also had jumbo sea bass and some of the biggest bergals I’ve ever seen. We even had some nice whiting also. Most of the cod we very nice size with a few over 20LBs. Caught them on both bait and jigs.

Had the fish cooked up at Star Island Grill as fish tacos. They do and amazing job and highly recommend .DE53BBB8-E34A-4CED-9854-F8C6E85C2CA9.jpeg

New York Fishing Reports

A Fishing Story

Feel free to post your own and add to this one. This is mine.:

A brief fishing story @ the Fish Tails Canyon.

It was 4am when my clients arrived at the dock. My boat was ready,: the fishing gear in place, safety equipment on, weather reviewed again, sea temp charts, course plotted., boat iced up. I was up all night.

When we left the inlet under cover of the new moon, It would be about a 2 hour run to the fishing grounds; traveling from darkness through to the grey light, when the stars go down and the early sun decides to reveal her face, from east to west, across the wind swept waves in front of my bow. And when the dark submits to this new day, and the vastness of mother ocean spreads her morning wings, stretches… yawning slightly, she welcomes us back again. How fortunate we are, to ride along her waves.

I am humbled. And in good company with clients I call friends. This was to be a good day of fishing in the Northeast Atlantic Canyons On the Edge.


GeneralNew York Fishing Reports

White Marlin

When a couple of captains get together its always a good time. When a couple captains fish together it makes for a trip of a lifetime.

While drifting around for threshers at the shark grounds and swinging in some Montauk local native species such as seabass and ling…the unexpected happened after safely releasing a Dusky…a WHITE MARLIN TOOK THE LIVE BLUE FISH ON THE WIRE LEADER.
The marlin met regulations coming in at 69 inches in the fork. These fish stop maturing at 51 inches and the legal size to keep is 66 inches from lower jaw to fork length, and of course a HMS permit is needed to keep them.

White marlin typically live in areas of 71 degrees or higher and typically found in canyons and shoals and depths of about 325 feet, however they can make their guest appearance at 50 ft…when in such shallow areas this is known as "tailing" in which only the dorsal lobe of the tail fin is visible above the surface of the water.
As far as feeding goes for them, they are sight feeders, feed during the day, and they go after bait such as mackerel, dolphin, squid , herring, flying fish, and crabs. (No wonder they taste so good)
With the facts i listed above can any of you guess where this was caught? After talking to a bunch of experienced salty dogs today they had told me it used to be like this in the 60’s!
Were any of you around for that? If so please tell me your stories, i would love to hear them and even see pictures!

Pictured is Captain Daniel of Double D charters in montauk!

New York Fishing Reports

Sunset Tuna

Game plan was to head out later in the day and spend night chunking then morning jig for bluefin. Few miles short of grounds we see tuna chicks, whales and rays. Dropped jigs down and nothing. Were just about to pull lines in and head to the grounds when I hear screams of fish on from my son in the cockpit – 10 min later a fat 60 LB fish is on the deck. We drop the jigs down again and this time a double hookup. I get my 60 LB fish in and my son is saying his fish is giant. 20 minutes later we gaff his 60 inch 150 plus LB fish and can barely can lift it over the sides. Amazing fish! Very proud of him for landing that fish by himself. Limited out with 2 under’s and one over. Wanted to release my fish but the fish are just inhaling the jigs deep and was impossible to do so. Headed in very early and back at the dock at 10 pm. Sunset bite! .

Just an amazing trip and the fish are gorging on sand eels now. Sardine type jigs worked very well and we got them in the sane area as our last trip. Tons of life out there. Look for the tuba chicks and rays and you will connect.A Trip my son will never forget I’m sure.​