Why I oppose a Slot for Striped Bass

Plus Local Reports From Smallmouth to Bluefin!

Is a Slot for Striped Bass the answer? George Scocca, the founder of Nor’east Saltwater and, gives his case of why a slot fish is not the answer for striped bass. Do you agree or disagree? George also talks about why he does support a slot for a tautog.

In this episode, we speak with a number of local fishing tackle owners and anglers. They give us some insight on their thinking and tactics.

15 Pound Fluke!

Then he speaks with “Tony Fish” the local angler that caught the fish of a lifetime.He bagged a 15-pound fluke while fishing inside of Jamaica Bay. When you listen you’ll hear all of the particulars.

Other guests in this episode include John of Hudson Park Bait and Tackle. Steve Luft – a long time fishing partner of George with over 40-years of experience of fishing everywhere from his local reservoirs to the Canyons. He is truly a fishing nut. He recently sent us a photo of a 34-inch striped bass he caught in the morning and a 4-pound smallmouth he caught at Kensico.

Then there’s Anthony Gucciardo,, the founder of our nyangler Instagram account, and he gives us a first-hand report of the great inshore bluefin bite that we’re seeing right now. And finally there’s Candy from Caraftis Fishing Station and if it swims there she knows about it! Candy checks in with the latest action they’re seeing in the Port Jefferson area of the sound.

We will be adding more reports each week, as well as deliver our special episodes that will intrigue all anglers! Next week we have a special episode dedicated to the future of tautog in Long Island Sound. Please be sure to subscribe on whatever platform you use to listen to your podcasts.

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This Logbook Will Simply Amaze you

The mystery and history of the White Eagle Party Boatthat sailed out of Canarsie NY in the 1930’s
It was in the mid-1990s that I was given this logbook to make sure it was kept safe. So I safely hid somewhere so well that is was missing for over 20-years. I always found myself looking for it, and of course, it took my wonderful wife to find it yesterday. I am so relieved as I was always mesmerized by its contents.

I’m not sure when it dates back to, but it is an amazing work of art in its own right. It also gives us a peek into what it took to be a charter captain, back then. There are references to the 1930s in it. I really need to know more about this boat and its Captain. I found a photo of the White Eagle II on but that was the best I could do. Below the photo, you will see just the first 3-pages of a logbook that describes in detail what it was like to be a Party Boat owner in the good old days of Brooklyn! I’ve het to find any information on Capt: Hon William Rank. But it is simply too see he took his fishing seriously.

Just read between the lines and you will see a picture of what it was like to navigate to bottom pieces, predict weather and so much more. The book is old and fragile so I’m taking care to take a clear pic of each page so I can have my wife store it for me this time.

white eagle 2 picture.jpg

white eagle cover.png

white eagle Ambrose.png

white eagle Ambrose red roof.png

If anyone has any info, on this vessel please let me know. I will follow these up with more in the coming weeks. This Brooklyn Party Boat Logbook, looks like they were using a totally different type of GPS and bottom finder than we have today.


NYSF Fishing Show 2/15 and 2/16

When cabin fever sets in, it’s time to check out a local fishing show. This year’s New York Sportfishing Federation show is sure to be a winner. In addition to a lineup to top speakers, the show is packed with vendors and you’ll get a shot at a trip to Tanaku Lodge.

This is the longest running fishing show on Long Island and it supports the New York Sportfishing Federation as they represent our rights and our needs as New York Anglers. There are seminars with some of the regions top anglers. It then culminates with a huge action of great fishing equipment!

Come on down and have a great day with fellow New York Anglers!


Long Island Wind farms Approved

Two Offshore Wind Farms Get
The two offshore wind farms are in two different locations. One is about 14 miles south of Jones Beach. The other is about 30 miles east of Montauk Point. Combined they will produce 1,700 megawatts or renewable energy. As shown below they are going to be placed in prime fishing territory. Please notice the area of the leased underwater lands. They are much larger already clearing the way for more windfarm once they go into operation.
Could Hurt Local Fisherman and Environment.
Scallopers will no longer be able to scallop that area. “This isn’t just about fishermen,” said Bonnie Brady, the executive director of the Montauk-based Long Island Commercial Fishing Association. “This is about the environment. You’re industrializing the ocean floor.” Then of course rec boats will too have to keep away from them. If you look at the leased area, it’s evident that they will be adding to the 30-windmills in the very near future. This set will cost 2.1 billion dollars and Long Islanders will foot the bill. Any new Wind Farms will be paid by all NYS residents.

Image of Wind Farm Locations

Notice the leased area all ready to be filled with wind mills

Is This The Answer
I’m not opposed to clean energy – like nuclear – but I am concerned with these wind farms being another threat to the marine environment. Never mind all of the birds that they kill.  It’s the 30-miles of buried cable needed to get the energy to Long Island. Then consider that NYS has committed to 2,400 megawatts from offshore windmills over the next 10 years. And 9,000 megawatts by 2035! How much of our fishing grounds will be off-limits then? How much of the bottom will be ripped up? What effect does that have on our marine environment? Where will it end?
Don’t get me wrong as I support clean energy but . . .
I also enjoy fishing. I see this as another obstacle to going out and enjoying a peaceful day on the water.


Record Catch and Release Striped Bass – Does it really count?

Alex Foster holding his potential world record catch and release striped bass, Thanks to Chris’ Bait and Tackle.

Catch and Release World Record

The striped bass season ended at midnight on December 31 in the State of Virginia, but a West Virginia angler managed to catch and release a potential world record striped bass. With the likelihood of the minimum size of bass now being limited to 35-inches, these “Catch and Release World Records” will become more common, maybe too common in this day of social media and attention-grabbing.

Alex Foster has caught and released what is likely to be an International Game Fish Association’s Catch and Release World Record for a striped bass he caught and released off Cape Charles. Foster was fishing with Sho-Nuff Sportsfishing. Charters. The fish measured 48.03 inches long, five centimeters longer than the current record and good enough to win him a release award from the Virginia Salt Water Fishing tournament.
Call me a pessimist . . .
but as a person that ran The Triple Crown of Fishing, from Rhode Island to New Jersey for 5 years in a row, I can say with authority that sadly, anglers cheat. A year didn’t go by without some type of controversy centered around cheating. It was profitable for us and the industry as excitement and participation increased. But the constant BS forced me to say screw it, and we shut them down.

Now I’m not calling him a cheater by any means, and I know the guy that he beat out by 5 centimeters. Let’s face it folk’s, being recognized by the IGFA for any kind of world record will entice the few cheats out there to figure a way to beat the system. I somberly predict that these Catch and Release IGFA records will be broken annually – forever!

First of all, it’s a 48-inch fish that registered 58 pounds on a boga. Now that is a big bass, bigger than anything I’ve caught. But the lure of recognition in fishing means too much to some.
Here are a few examples of to what extent anglers will go to win.
Terry Long was indicted in Texas for cheating. But the worst one of all is in the video below showing the World Famous "Big Bass King" Mike Long – no relation I think? – being about as low as you can go. Watching this guy snag 10-pound plus spawners and then take selfies literally turns my stomach. Here’s a guy that won over $150K cheating while fishing the bass circuit. He was found to be snagging big bass on beds. All the while he was taking credit and basking in the glory as the Big Bass King. There’s a great article on it at

So I ask does an IGFA Catch and Release World Record actually mean anything when we have cheating anglers among us?


Cape Cod Tuna Trip

Headed up to cape to fish on the 80 ft viking "On the Edge". Headed out Sunday morning for what would be an absolutely epic bite. Non stop bites on a down rigged Joe Shute and Ballyhoo combo. Started to morning off with a fat under, and a few minutes after landing that fish we boated a beautiful 71" fish. Got the baits back in the water and got back on the troll, 10 minutes later we had a 130 with line screaming off the spool. Fought the fish for about 20 minutes and got a good look at what is estimated to be about a 90" fish. Released the giant and kept on trolling. Another 15 minutes pass and had another one on. This continued all morning, ended up releasing another giant, broke two off halfway through the fight and had one spit the hook. Had tuna airing out all over and whales breaching. Absolutely blessed to have been on a trip like this. The strength and power of these fish are unmatched. I’ll be back !


GeneralNew York Fishing Reports

White Marlin

When a couple of captains get together its always a good time. When a couple captains fish together it makes for a trip of a lifetime.

While drifting around for threshers at the shark grounds and swinging in some Montauk local native species such as seabass and ling…the unexpected happened after safely releasing a Dusky…a WHITE MARLIN TOOK THE LIVE BLUE FISH ON THE WIRE LEADER.
The marlin met regulations coming in at 69 inches in the fork. These fish stop maturing at 51 inches and the legal size to keep is 66 inches from lower jaw to fork length, and of course a HMS permit is needed to keep them.

White marlin typically live in areas of 71 degrees or higher and typically found in canyons and shoals and depths of about 325 feet, however they can make their guest appearance at 50 ft…when in such shallow areas this is known as "tailing" in which only the dorsal lobe of the tail fin is visible above the surface of the water.
As far as feeding goes for them, they are sight feeders, feed during the day, and they go after bait such as mackerel, dolphin, squid , herring, flying fish, and crabs. (No wonder they taste so good)
With the facts i listed above can any of you guess where this was caught? After talking to a bunch of experienced salty dogs today they had told me it used to be like this in the 60’s!
Were any of you around for that? If so please tell me your stories, i would love to hear them and even see pictures!

Pictured is Captain Daniel of Double D charters in montauk!