Long Island Sound Fishing Report

Tog are chewing away

Togs are chewing away! At this point, most reports we’re getting are that blackish are chewing well in 47-48 degree water temps, in shallow water. It’s blowing pretty strong out there today so we don’t expect to get many more.

Cooper is all smiles while getting in on the April tautog season.

april tog.jpg

@cooper.bohner on some nice spring time tog 💪🏼
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Long Island Sound Fishing Report

Celtic Quest Kids Camp

Working on boats the past 4 years I can honestly say this has been one of my favorite experiences is getting a chance to teach kids all about fishing and see them develop a passion and interest in this sport.
I’m so impressed by them…I say this because a lot of these kids I met 3 weeks ago knew nothing about fishing, scared to put clam on a hook and even touch the fish…now here they are 3 weeks later teaching the new group of kids how to fish and bait hooks and take the fish off the hooks and even coming back with more and more questions each time. Never thought I could be so proud to watch kids grow over just a couple of weeks.
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The elusive Long Island sound fluke

I think it’s safe to say that fluking in the sound has definitely died down in the past few years. Of course this from MY OWN observations.

However my dad was fortunate enough to get on his boat with his girlfriend and managed to get one keeper each at 19 inches while releasing 6 shorts all at 18 inches.

I guess his boat has more of purpose than just black fishing now 😂

Long Island Sound Fishing Report

Kayak Bassing in CT with my son

Made a couple of trips north to catch some stripers in the Housatonic again. My buddy and I struggled just to catch. Only rats for us and not many. Interestingly – to make this a fishing report – last weekend on the Housey everyone who used soft white plastics seemed to suffer a sub-par day. I’m being conservative when I say that; it sucked for a lot of us… except one guy I watched pick up a bunch of (albiet small) bass on the troll with a thin red tube – about the farthest thing from a small white grub that you could imagine. He was bailing them. I stocked two for today’s follow-up trip a week later and it produces nothing for me. Still learning Housey.
Last weekend conditions were nice and we caught very little. My 14-year-old son’s been jonesing for a bent rod too, so I loaded an extra (sit-in) kayak and committed to taking him "rain or shine." He’s pretty fearless about the conditions when he’s on the water with me, so I knew he’d be OK there. It was "rain," not shine, and a lot of it. Torrential rains and a stiff 15mph wind followed us across the Sound from LI. To his credit, he never complained once and he fished his heart out under those conditions for over 4 hours. He did everything right. They just weren’t biting for us. I caught two tiny stripers, each about 18 inches. He got comfortable with my rig very quickly and probably would have stayed longer if not for the fact that we were both looking forward to a hot meal and a visit to Bass Pro Shops (right next to the ferry) on the way back.

It’s not always about whether or not you caught a fish.