Putting a lid on another great New York Fishing Season!

In this episode, George Scocca discusses the various options for New Jersey this year as lips are sealed up and down the coast on what their next move will be on striped bass. George speaks with the “Godfather” of fisheries management for recreational anglers, Tom Fote. We don’t have time to list all of his accomplishments here, so I’ll go with his signature Striped Bass Gamefish Bill he passed in his state while also keeping the commercial quota for recreational anglers.

George also has a great talk with Billy the Greek as they discuss everything from the good old days of bridge fishing and much more

Then there are many of our listener favorites that we’re sure you will enjoy.

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Is This Your Last Shot at a 50-pound bass ever? ASMFC Talks Striped Bass

In this episode, George speaks with Max Appleman of the ASMFC on the current status of striped bass and what the future looks like. They speak on the process and where we need to go to assure the future of the striped bass. They also talk bunker and the resilient sturgeon.

George also speaks with Billy the Greek on what he concentrates on this time of year when searching out big bass. The Greek has been catching big bass, even when there wasn’t many bass! He’s author of the Best Selling Book “Night Tide” and he knows show to catch big striped bass.

In addition, we speak with The General on his famous annual trip on the Celtic Quest. And then, of course, we have our “Relationships and Fishing” segment.

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NEW PODCAST – It’s Fishing Time for New York Anglers!

This week Captain John McMurray talks about the epic season with tuna he had last season as well as inshore action. George opens with breaking striped bass news. Roccus7 gives us some fishing advice and we get a recent update from Steve Luft as he reports on the fine Westchester freshwater fishing happening now! Add to that our favorite Fishing Relationships, and you have our best podcast yet!

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Tactics and Stories with Matt Broderick

In this episode, Anthony Gucciardo sits down with Matt Broderick, local surfcaster and rod builder. We talk about “Putting in The Time” vs “Knowledge” when it comes to finding and catching trophy fish, and the “Rituals and Superstitions” after finding a good bite. We answer some questions from our Instagram followers and of course, talk about the state of the Striped Bass Fishery. 


New York Anglers likely To See another Saltwater Fishing License

Listen to George Scocca as he talks about the whispers he’s heard of a saltwater fishing license in New York State. He also pranks a local tackle shop owner, talks about the Ward Melville High School Show and describes how www.nyangler.com is now powered by Alexa. You can listen to our podcasts and get the current NYS fishing regulations, simply by asking Alexa.


Fishing New York Waters

In this episode, our host, George Scocca discusses what it’s like to go on a 16-day offshore trips on the Excelle, out of San Diego, Eyeglass Joe, with a current report and a look at what the future of the Bluefin tuna might be. Add to that, his crazy Regulations and Fishing and Relationships clips and you have everything you’d expect from an New York angler itching for tight lines!