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    Coyote spotted on Robert Moses beach

    There was a beaver in East Hampton about 12 years ago .Probably swam over from CT. I saw a bunch of trees it had felled and chewed.
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    Finally got that Peacock Bass!

    Everglades city is a 30 min ride about. All fishing community . Did you find his website?
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    Finally got that Peacock Bass!

    When in Naples book a trip with Fishunt charters in Everglades city.capt Wayne has a 18 flats boat . Wife and I fished with him last year and are going again soon. Highly recommend him
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    Super Bowl Babybacks

    Dry rub is on. Tomorrow they go on the green egg for 3 hours
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    I grew up fishing Southards pond. 40 years ago I remember people catching them and calling them roaches ,They would catch them in the creek pool then use them for bait in lake to catch bass and pickerel. Type of shiner is my guess
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    Long Island shotgun season

    I made some jerky last weekend.First time in a few years.we started making pastrami last year,easy and delicious
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    Long Island shotgun season

    They have been thinned pretty well on Shelter Island.we used to shoot 125 the first week , They have culls year round over there now.
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    Long Island shotgun season

    Hunted Shelter Island this week at Mashomack.About 65 deer were taken by 40 hunters.I got 4 of the 7 I saw the first 2 days.A few small 8s and some smaller bucks also were taken ,only a few bucks had shed their antlers.
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    Christmas Eve Smoked Fish

    Looks good. I also smoked salmon for Christmas Day apps
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    Canadian bacon

    Pork loin/Canadian bacon is done
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    Canadian bacon

    Started brining some pork loin today.It will go on the smoker next weekend
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    Any North Fork Shallow water jig toggers out there?

    Plenty of shallow water spots between Mattituck and Orient.
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    Pork loin

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    Pork loin

    ?? Bribe collie?? Wrong guy.