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  1. george

    Is This Page Working for you?

    To be clear right now we're just showing land stations. Buoys will be next and it will include every buoy available. In the US with real time reporting. The layout will be more user friendly. The tides are here Tides forecast for
  2. george


    You certainly know more than just balls! But Lyme is no joking matter.
  3. george

    Is This Page Working for you?

    Hello All, So I'm having a tech issue where I'm getting a "too many redirects" error message on a few computers I use, yet my developers are not seeing it. If you get a chance please let me know if you're able to get to our live weather page at Tides forecast for Weather List It works fine...
  4. george

    Peconic Bay Scallop Collapse

    They passed some type of law in Suffolk this year requiring some new kind of septic system. It does nothing to address water quality.
  5. george

    Off Monmouth beach

    Greg Smith is all smiles as he poses with this beauty of bass taken off the Jersey coast!
  6. george

    Peconic Bay Scallop Collapse

    I've had them in the past. And while they're close, and much better than most, I think the Peconics are a bit better though.
  7. george


    Well you certainly know your balls very well. The chemicals in mothballs are toxic to humans and pets. People are exposed to the chemicals in mothballs by inhaling the fumes. If you smell mothballs, you are being exposed to these chemicals. Children or pets sometimes mistake mothballs for food...
  8. george

    Drone Video Shows Thousands Of Striped Bass In Moriches Inlet

    I peeked at the article and Pablo's name was the first one mentioned.
  9. george


    How do you know? I have to question anyone named after a good bourbon.
  10. george

    Drone Video Shows Thousands Of Striped Bass In Moriches Inlet

    I was just going to post that. I guess we still have some bass in the inlets. I'd be careful in Moriches after this video though. :eek:
  11. george

    Whats on tonights Menu

    I've never been a Lugers fan myself. I like Pace's Steak House on 347 in Hauppauge. It's like a mile from my house and their marinated porterhouse is an excellent steak. It's been there for decades.
  12. george

    Whats on tonights Menu

    I thought I read you weren't into fancy restaurants ;)
  13. george

    Veterans Day

    Thanks to all who have served the great USA!
  14. george


    I'm a firm believer in the "if it ain't broken don't fix it" approach. Stick with the mothballs.
  15. george

    8 pointer taken yesterday

    This is my nephew Daniel, my brother Phillips's son, with an 8 pointer he took with a bow on the North fork. His dad would be proud!
  16. george

    Montauk report

    He really does.
  17. george

    Perfect Fall Day for Smallies

    Sometime you get bronze tog too 😀
  18. george

    Assigning a fish to "Game fish status"

    Why usually? Gamefish status means no sale. Everything else is fish hugging ;)
  19. george

    Best Vacuum Sealer?

    I've been using this one I picked up at Costco. I also use the heavier bags from Costco.
  20. george

    Response time

    Thanks for the heads up on that. I'm happy to see all's well now.