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    Super Bowl Babybacks

    Dry rub is on. Tomorrow they go on the green egg for 3 hours
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    Long Island shotgun season

    Hunted Shelter Island this week at Mashomack.About 65 deer were taken by 40 hunters.I got 4 of the 7 I saw the first 2 days.A few small 8s and some smaller bucks also were taken ,only a few bucks had shed their antlers.
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    Canadian bacon

    Started brining some pork loin today.It will go on the smoker next weekend
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    Pork loin

    Smoked this fatty yesterday
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    Montauk report

    Out with Capt Chris Spies again .Had our 4 man limit of tog then boxed 15 cod and 22 Seabass. Great trip,a little chilly in the morning
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    Suffolk county buck

    My brother had this one walk by at 9 this morning
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    Sika muzzleloader opener in MD

    Hunted 3 days last week for sika .I killed a 5 pt on the 3rd day and 2 friends were successful also.My brother had 2 hangfires and did not fill his tag .we also killed our limit of wood ducks on 2 hunts .I also caught my first snakehead
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    Opening day buck

    My brother and a few friends were out on opening day,they hit this buck too far back .3 guys went back the next morning and searched for 4 hours then again the next day.Then again the next day,still no luck then on Sunday a friend saw buzzards circling,so they looked again on Monday and found...
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    Montauk Cod with the one and only Capt Chris Spies

    Went to CIA grounds chunking for tuna with a small fleet, nothing going on.After 2 hours we went in search of some cod.Found a dozen keepers from 22 lbs down to 5 along with this 38 1/2 lb slob caught by my son Cody , also had some quality seabass
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    Shinnecock inshore

    Had a friend up from VA on the weekend. We ran out 10 miles ,came across a floating log/long branch with a pile of mahi under it. We caught 30 on poppers and cut bait .all under 3 lbs .we were packing up to head in and saw some wakes coming towards us,friend threw the popper to them.nice surface...
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    Shinnecock Bluefin

    Went out Wednesday afternoon for a quick trip to the Coimbra with Capt Chris Spies.Trolled for 1 hour for 1 short strike on a ballyhoo.Then saw some fish busting on top, eased in and made a cast with a white Ron Z. Instant hook up, fish dumped half the Saragosa 8000 .Worked him to the boat 30...
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    South shore. North shore

    Trolled between Fire island and Jones looking for bluefins that we’re seen on Friday .No luck but picked up a 41 lb bass on a joe chutes rigged with a ballyhoo in 40 ft of water.At 1 we trailered up to Smithtown for fluke, had 5 shorts and plenty of robins.saw George and Propeller John up there...
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    Everglades City FL

    Fished April 1st with Capt Wayne form Fish n Hunt guide service . Had a great day 3 of us caught between 90-100 fish. 11 different species trout,Spanish mackerel,tripletail etc. had 3 goliaths swallow a few fish we were reeling in.