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  1. AllyKat

    Ward Melville Show 2020 edition

    If you like yourself a favor and hit up the Rolling Smoke food truck. Fantastic smoked goodness from them. I highly recommend the short rib sammich or brisket, but everything they have is very good. Wish I was going to the show..headed to Florida to see my parents this weekend. Mother...
  2. AllyKat


    I was at the DMV in Riverhead for regs, plates and title accouple of weeks back....took a little over an hour.
  3. AllyKat

    Superbowl boxes

    Hit the final...first time ever! Problem is, it was a SB fundraiser for my daughters HS Softball team...ran by my wife. Fat chance I'm seeing that money. :rolleyes:
  4. AllyKat

    NY Yankees

    The EVIL EMPIRE is BACK!!!!!
  5. AllyKat

    Western Sound Blackfishing 2019

    Went on my neighbors boat on Saturday. Fished the reef at 11B...50 feet. His temp reading was 51 degrees. Decent life, and all shorts for us, with two that were oh so close. Fished the entire outgoing. Weather doesn't look promising for the long weekend, but I will keep my fingers crossed.
  6. AllyKat

    Western Sound Blackfishing 2019

    Hoping to get out sat.....I saw 54 deg two weeks ago. Expecting to see high 40's on Saturday. Going to start @35 feet, and work deeper from there.
  7. AllyKat

    Drone Video Shows Thousands Of Striped Bass In Moriches Inlet

    Without a doubt its PABLO!!!!!!
  8. AllyKat

    Western Sound Blackfishing 2019

    Got out the last two weekends..Eatons Neck area....35 feet.... 11/3 was non stop action with shorts and the very occasional keeper, and some seabass mixed in. 11/10 was not as action packed, but more keepers along with a decent 20 incher that fell to my jig. Water temps were mid 50's this past...
  9. AllyKat

    NYG Black Cloud

    That game went down hill for the NYG as soon as the cat got chased off the field.
  10. AllyKat

    Weekend Plans??

    Heading East after work..gonna grab dinner with me parents and crash at their place so I can roll out of bed and.... FUSTERCLUCK!!!!!! on Saturday. Sunday..if I didn't get my fill, I'd love to get back on the water and wet a line again.
  11. AllyKat

    Its time Fuster Cluck 2019 11/2 Sailing out of MATTITUCK

    I will grab my usual forks, knives, spoons, plates cups and paper towels.
  12. AllyKat

    World Series, 2019. ⚾️ 🥎 ⚾️

    Liking big cellys, no look at me, no showing anyone up. Gets the job done, runs the bases, respects the game.
  13. AllyKat

    Its time Fuster Cluck 2019 11/2 Sailing out of MATTITUCK

    No worries brother...we got this. I’ll pick you up
  14. AllyKat

    Tog are on the chew . . . and the menu!

    Does Rocko ever work?Guy is on the water every day. Do I sound jealous?:confused:
  15. AllyKat

    ApplePie Moonshine

    I can almost taste it already....and we are over a week away:ROFLMAO:
  16. AllyKat

    World Series, 2019. ⚾️ 🥎 ⚾️

    The Yankees got a few off Verlander in game 2...its not crazy to think they can get the better of him this time around. If they do win, then hopefully that confidence carries on to the next game in Houston. I like playing away...once the crowd is out of it, it makes comebacks twice as hard, and...
  17. AllyKat

    Western Sound Blackfishing 2019

    Sunday..10-2 pm. Mid Sound. 30 feet. Plenty of life with keepers mixed in.
  18. AllyKat

    World Series, 2019. ⚾️ 🥎 ⚾️

    The Curse of Kershaw lives on. Nats finally advance....who needs Harper