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  1. BennyV

    Western LIS Fluke - 5/4/19

    Fished with a crowd of 16, mostly regulars, on a local Western LIS party boat. Hit every fluke drift that produced in prior years between Portchester and Stamford. 3 shorts and a few buckets of sea robins. No preference on bucktails versus conventional rigs. One fish on a bucktail, one on a...
  2. BennyV

    Bunker Dieoff
  3. BennyV

    Well I did it...

    Just passed the final section of the OUPV test (6 pack). Going to start on my masters next week. Then I just need to file my paperwork with the USCG and I’m good to go. Anyone looking to get there license please let me know. I have some advice lol.
  4. BennyV

    1911 .45

    I’ve been looking at a few different manufacturers. So far I’m really liking the Sig Scopion. Any 1911 owners out there and any suggestions? The scorpion is about $1100. Kind of steep.
  5. BennyV

    Cold Remedies

    I got a bad cold. I’m crazy busy at work and have to go to classes for the next few nights for my captains license. Besides pounding water and vitamins. Any tried and true cold remedies that work for you guys?
  6. BennyV

    Cool New App

    Just downloaded this app I learned about in Sea School. It’s called FindShip. You can locate and track big vessels and see what vessels are in your area. Pretty cool. I found the largest local party boats I frequent on there the Riptide III and the Klondike IX. Check it out! It’s free.
  7. BennyV

    Any accountants in the house?

    Hey All, Any accountants in the house. I have a question I’d like to ask. Thanks, Benny
  8. BennyV

    Boat Show Javits Center

    Just got back. Saw some amazing boats. Didn’t even know they made 425hp outboards. Saw a Whaler with 4 on the back pretty insane. The one in the pic ONLY shad 4 325s. Also, took the plunge and signed up for a class to get my captains license. Been working deck for 20 years come this summer. It...
  9. BennyV


    I remember on the other site every month or so everyone would get together. I forget the name of the thread. Would anyone be interested in getting together every so often?
  10. BennyV

    50/50 Trip

    Quite a few years ago we did a Nor’east charter on one of the Island Currents out of City Island for Blackfish. Trip cost was around $65 if I remember correctly plus tip. We did a pool in the same amount as the fare. 1st prize and 2nd prize for heaviest blackfish was paid. FYI I took second...
  11. BennyV

    The Jersey Shore

    Anyone own a summer place down there? I’ve been poking around online. Manahawkin looks pretty reasonable. You can get a place on the inter coastal in the 200s.
  12. BennyV

    New to Smoking

    Got a smoker for Christmas. Haven’t tried it out yet. Any first timer recipes I should try?
  13. BennyV

    Anyone ever write an ebook?

    Hello all! I’m in the process of writing a transcript of that I would like to turn into an e-book. Do any of you have any experience in this area? Thanks, Ben
  14. BennyV

    Thinking about going out on a partyboat anyone interested?

    I’m in between heading to Rhode Island or going out of CT somewhere. I’d love to target cod, sea bass, Ling, and haddock. If anyone is heading out please let me know.
  15. BennyV

    City Island

    Took a ride down to City Island today to grab some lunch. Headed down the end to see if Johnny’s Reef was open. It wasn’t so I wound up at Tony’s Pier. Had some scallops and decided to head over to Jack’s to shoot the breeze. They have a great sale going on 10-30% off damn near everything in the...
  16. BennyV

    Any herring around?

    Took a ride past Hudson Park. Didn’t see much going on.