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  1. Bassknuckles

    Great catch! LI anglers donate fish to feed hungry

    Figure I would share a positive story. From Newsday today. At least we know their are fish
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    Keeper striped bass, flounder landed the first day of N.J.'s season

    Hopefully we will get an early season-
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    You got to love your boat to try this

    Amazing story, glad the crew is safe. Lucky Capt and he made it to NJ. I think my boat would have become a reef no way would I have tried to save her. That's what insurance is for.
  4. Bassknuckles

    Latest Striped Bass Regulation News as of 2/4/20

    Toby Lapinski from the Fisherman magazine did a really good job explaining it all.
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    500 pound Marlin tows Kayak fisherman

    Really cool video
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    NY State proposes vast expansion of artificial reef program

    From Newsday today State proposes vast expansion of artificial reef program By Mark @MHarringtonNewsUpdated February 6, 2020 12:41 PM
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    First stuck truck of year

    Not from NY but it's a great story and exactly what we should all do especially if you don't have the proper gear. Make fun of them, have them pose for a picture and help them out. Under over pool this year? First Stuck Truck Of The Year
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    Drone Video Shows Thousands Of Striped Bass In Moriches Inlet

    From the Patch. I pulled my boat out one week to early Drone Video Shows Thousands Of Striped Bass In Moriches Inlet
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    Bill lowering NY drunk while hunting level I guess only one more year of drinking blackberry brandy in my tree stand (yes I'm kidding) but why wait a year, put it on the books and enact it in 90...
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    New York sues NOAA and NMFS for bigger share of summer flounder quota

    New York sues NOAA for bigger share of summer flounder quota By Jason Huffman Oct. 15, 2019 15:41 in the undercurrent news
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    Fisherman found unresponsive off Jones Beach

    From Newsday today. Hope he is ok. Don't know why anyone will be on the jetty today. The water was over the bulk head so I assume it was over the jetty.
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    Fish found in fishless lake in NY

    This is great news and shows how the environment can repair itself with little changes over time. To bad the real message was lost with the political BS on Trump.
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    Coast Guard issues warning on charging phone batteries after California boat fire

    In Yahoo today: Coast Guard issues warning on charging phone batteries after California boat fire Contributing: The Associated Press This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: California boat fire: Coast Guard warns about charging phone batteries
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    Paradise Island

    Though they weren't hit very hard with hurricane Dorian, it's all back to normal. Cruise ships pulling in and out. The cam (link below) is pretty cool especially when you go back and look at some of the pictures of the hurricane.
  15. Bassknuckles

    striped bass fishing regulations on Hudson River

    The DEC is awaiting public input with any changes in regulations in place for the 2020 fishing season. One meeting is tonight scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday (Sept. 4) in the Ballroom (Golf Course Observatory) at Bethpage State Park Clubhouse at Bethpage State Park in Farmingdale on Long Island...
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    Kill Switch

    So it's only a matter of time, Texas just passed a law that took affect this weekend that requires operators of boats less than 26 feet in length that are equipped with an ignition safety kill switch to use it whenever the vessel is moving at greater than headway speed. I understand, the law...
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    Judge dismisses NY's lawsuit over commercial fluke quotas

    From Newsday today- Judge tosses NY's lawsuit over fluke quotas
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    Baldwin Harbor project to open more waterfront to public

    Long time coming, not in the exact area that was recommended but pretty close. Announced in Newsday today Baldwin plan to open more waterfront to public
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    After Reef Therapy, LI Waterways Feeling Much Better

    After reef therapy, LI waterways feeling much better - Innovate Long Island It’s a parking lot out their now and most of the fish are throwbacks it’s not enjoyable anymore having to move the boat in the middle of a drift or yelling at another boat who is drifting when your anchored. Glad I...
  20. Bassknuckles

    4.3 Mercruiser V6 I/O- Cooling help

    Think outside the box here as almost everything has been changed. My 4.3 Mercruiser V6 I/O overheats once it goes above 2,800 rpm and only under load. It doesn't overheat at the dock or under 2,500 rpms. Once I start to over heat and I bring the boat to neutral it cools down in 30 to 45...