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  1. Loonzter


    My buddy and I got out this morning and fished some offshore wrecks between Moriches and Fire Island. Clam was the ticket today for us, tried a jig with a gulp teaser but no takers. Had to fish through quite a few shorts to get our limit but the fish we kept were the kind you don't have to...
  2. Loonzter


    So with the fluke not really cooperating for me this year I was eagerly awaiting the opening of Seabass season here in NY. I was able to get out on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday this week. We fished for them in the Sound at Cranes Neck as well as the Middle Grounds. What the heck is going on...
  3. Loonzter


    Got out for the opening of Seabass with my 10 yr old grandson, he broke the ice with his first fish being 16". Weather was good till current slacked up around 1:30 and the breeze just dropped out. Had to put the boat in gear and take a ride to create our own breeze. We went for long ride and...
  4. Loonzter


    I have been very optimistic with regard to fluke this 2020 season. Tackle shops preached with covid19 less pressure from commercial boats would give fluke a chance to populate our bays and shoreline. I fished Moriches yesterday (thursday) both in the ocean as well as the bay, total fluke caught...
  5. Loonzter

    Any Squid along South shore?

    Typically this time of year on the South shore I'm used to seeing draggers in the 70-90' depths. I always assumed they were dragging squid. I guess with covid-19 things are a bit different as I don't see many draggers at all. Has anyone marked squid between Moriches and Shinnecock? I haven't...
  6. Loonzter

    Way to end a long day

    Fished out of Moriches Inlet this morning, we breezed into the ocean and headed west in search of bunker. Didn't take very long, there were schools as far as the eye could see. We bounced from pod to pod until we reached the new inlet west of Smith Pt. Pavilion. Not a friggin touch, nothing...
  7. Loonzter

    Bass with Bunker

    Had an awesome day Tuesday, my 10 yr old grandson pulled two nice Bass out of bunker schools west by the new inlet. Both fish were released (38" & 40") to fight another day. The smile on his face was priceless! My buddy also had two of his bunker come back to the boat bitten in half. I was so...
  8. Loonzter

    Tough day

    Headed out this morning in search of some fluke. Wind was blowing pretty good out of the north (way more than the expected 10 knts). Started in the narrows, fished bucktails with gulp (blowfish were not an issue all day) as well as fresh spearing/searobin strips. As the incoming slacked up we...
  9. Loonzter

    Hello, any bunker out there?

    Well its June, and I realize any Stripers over 35" need to go back but the first few weeks of June for me normally mean culling monster Bass from bunker pods. I've not as yet made it into the ocean and was wondering if anyone has seen any bunker between Fire Island and Moriches? I have no...
  10. Loonzter

    Pt. Jefferson fun

    Fished Pt. Jefferson harbor Saturday with my grandson, I love/hate when he outfishes me lol, soooo much fun! More fluke than I've seen anywhere else so far this season. Mostly shorts but we were able to bring home a couple for dinner. My buddy caught some of the largest sea robins I've seen in a...
  11. Loonzter

    Long Beach ramp

    A buddy and I launched out of the Long Beach ramp Saturday and fished all day in the rain (fish were already wet). Not exactly what we'd hoped for, we ended with 2 keeper fluke, several 2-3# bluefish, and a few sea robins. We through back at least a 1/2 doz. shorts. My hands got so pruney from...
  12. Loonzter

    Blowfish and more BLOWFISH!

    I finally got a weather window this week (thursday) to splash the boat. My grandson and I launched from Forge river and fished Moriches bay. I headed west to Smith's Pt bridge and we cast plugs by the piljngs hoping for Bass or Bluefish, no go. Headed back east and drifted the narrows (Buoy...
  13. Loonzter

    What lube for that tube?

    So I have another thread going, tbl with a sticky pivot tube. I am curious what lube most of you use for the grease fittings on the tilt tube and the pivot tube of your outboard engines. I'm tempted to use the bearing grease that I use on my trailer's wheel hubs. However, I recently changed the...
  14. Loonzter

    Sticky steering advice

    I could really use some advice, my 2009 115 Optimax steering is very stiff. I removed the steering cable and found the trouble to be the motor's pivot tube. You tube shows this as being a very costly repair at the mechanics shop. I was hoping I might acquire some sound advice that could help me...
  15. Loonzter

    Tightening up screw holes

    Just about everything that screws into my boat is loose. A lot of the screws cannot be tightened up because the holes are worn and the threads wont grip. Has anyone used Marine Tex to fill screw holes and then re-drilled them? I'm curious if its too brittle after it dries to drill new holes so...
  16. Loonzter

    Floating docks at Brookhaven ramp sites

    Is there any news if the floating docks are in the water at Brookhaven ramp sites?
  17. Loonzter

    Docks at launch ramps?

    Does anyone have any information regarding the floating docks at Forge river and Port Jefferson ramps? Not sure if the town crews are placing them in the water do to the restrictions on 'necessary projects'.
  18. Loonzter

    Bait Shops open?

    Are bait shops open to buy bait for tog and flounder in NY?
  19. Loonzter

    Saltwater jig tying vise

    I read a post from a member hoping for a little help with purchasing a vise to tye bucktail jigs (hooks as large as 5/0). He mentioned he didn't have much of a budget and was trying to find a decent entry level model that he could get started on. I looked at some of the suggestions and quite...
  20. Loonzter

    You tube 2019

    Hey Joe, just watched the youtube video for July 2019 at Tanaku lodge, very awesome stuff. What an incredible way to make a living, those customers were smiling ear to ear! Looking forward to seeing your posts for 2020, Looney out.