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  1. Loonzter


    Yes BennyV we were fishing for Seabass
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    My buddy and I got out this morning and fished some offshore wrecks between Moriches and Fire Island. Clam was the ticket today for us, tried a jig with a gulp teaser but no takers. Had to fish through quite a few shorts to get our limit but the fish we kept were the kind you don't have to...
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    Thanks for the report, looks like North Shore fishing success this year is going to require some extra effort and quite a bit of luck. Porgies seem like the only sure thing, gona have to invest in some light tackle to make it challenging. Keep those reports coming.
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    So with the fluke not really cooperating for me this year I was eagerly awaiting the opening of Seabass season here in NY. I was able to get out on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday this week. We fished for them in the Sound at Cranes Neck as well as the Middle Grounds. What the heck is going on...
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    Got out for the opening of Seabass with my 10 yr old grandson, he broke the ice with his first fish being 16". Weather was good till current slacked up around 1:30 and the breeze just dropped out. Had to put the boat in gear and take a ride to create our own breeze. We went for long ride and...
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    Fluke fishing seems to be much better on the North shore (surprising to me). A lot of shorts but a few keepers thrown in to make it interesting. I really just love being on the water, catching fish is a plus!
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    I was worried about that early June, the blowfish were ravenous, but I haven't had any problems working gulp tails the last two weeks or so.
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    I have been very optimistic with regard to fluke this 2020 season. Tackle shops preached with covid19 less pressure from commercial boats would give fluke a chance to populate our bays and shoreline. I fished Moriches yesterday (thursday) both in the ocean as well as the bay, total fluke caught...
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    Any Squid along South shore?

    Typically this time of year on the South shore I'm used to seeing draggers in the 70-90' depths. I always assumed they were dragging squid. I guess with covid-19 things are a bit different as I don't see many draggers at all. Has anyone marked squid between Moriches and Shinnecock? I haven't...
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    They look like fatties, certainly can't complain about dinner. Nice job
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    Way to end a long day

    Fished out of Moriches Inlet this morning, we breezed into the ocean and headed west in search of bunker. Didn't take very long, there were schools as far as the eye could see. We bounced from pod to pod until we reached the new inlet west of Smith Pt. Pavilion. Not a friggin touch, nothing...
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    Bass with Bunker

    Had an awesome day Tuesday, my 10 yr old grandson pulled two nice Bass out of bunker schools west by the new inlet. Both fish were released (38" & 40") to fight another day. The smile on his face was priceless! My buddy also had two of his bunker come back to the boat bitten in half. I was so...
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    Tough day

    Headed out this morning in search of some fluke. Wind was blowing pretty good out of the north (way more than the expected 10 knts). Started in the narrows, fished bucktails with gulp (blowfish were not an issue all day) as well as fresh spearing/searobin strips. As the incoming slacked up we...
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    Getting better

    Hi flounderjoe, which day did you head out? Looks like your post was today in the am but you mentioned you fished the afternoon trip, just curious. I was out today (Sunday) and the NOAA report of N wind at 10 knts was just a tad off. Wind was cranking all day long and we had a tough day putting...
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    Drift sock ?

    This has opened my eyes, I never thought of using my drift sock as a means to combat a wind against tide situation. If deploying the sock might give me a little movement into the wind that would only be a good thing. To date I've only used it to slow a wind with tide drift. Something to think...
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    Hello, any bunker out there?

    Ahh, forget the smell of napalm in the morning, that's what I love to see! Very nice fish and he'll live to see another day. Thanks for the info, next week looks beautiful I'll sharpen up my bunker snags.
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    Hello, any bunker out there?

    Well its June, and I realize any Stripers over 35" need to go back but the first few weeks of June for me normally mean culling monster Bass from bunker pods. I've not as yet made it into the ocean and was wondering if anyone has seen any bunker between Fire Island and Moriches? I have no...
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    Smithtown smorgasboard

    What a great way to spend a Spring day, hope you got away from some of the heat. Nice job!
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    Afternoon Fluke

    I would say thats pretty darn impressive fishing a wind against tide. Last weekend we saw the best action on the outgoing at Pt. Jeff but that was a wind wth tide. Don't know if I should go North or South shore this weekend. Sunday says wind from the N so I'm leaning on Moriches, hope the...
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    Smithtown Bay Bass

    Beautiful sunset, love to end the day with a beautiful sunset! Sounded like a blast George.