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    in search of Bass

    headed out of Moriches this morning at sunrise and headed East. Lots of birds searching for bait but there just ddnt seem to be any blitzes. sea came up and headed to the inlet where there were a few shortys. Crazy boat traffic today.
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    MTK Where are the bass?

    Fished the point 3 tides Thursday and Friday from the beach and had 1 26in bass and some small blues. Lots of surfers , seals, and dirty brown water. The fish either left or havent arrived yet..
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    Out going fluke

    After using gulp, bucktails and everything else this year, I decided to go back to simple basic hook squid spearing setup. The fluke were biting on the outgoing but there were no keepers. All fish were 18,5 inches but they were all fat and vey healthy looking. Hoping these fish grow up for next...
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    Exceptional run of fluke

    The exceptional run of SHORT fluke continues in the bay. Water is very murkey with lots of grass on the incoming tide. The fish are there but mostly shorties.
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    Fished from 800 am to 230pm for 1 18.5 fluke and only a few robins I went from Quogue to e/o of the inlet hitting all the drops, channels and flats, there was nothing going on. The water looked brown, probably from the recent storm. All the reports had the fluke fishing in Shinecock red hot. Hmn??
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    Fluke in the fog

    Left Montauk Harbor today at 630. Visibility was good up to the rips and then the fog set in. At times you couldnt see 100 ft. We didnt feel comfortable in the 0 vis so we went to Shagwong and caught consistent fluke shorts. Sea bass were biting as well. Thats fishing right.
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    Through the inlet at 500 am which was fairly choppy with some waves breaking. Dropped the mojos and headed east looking for the bunker pods. We were escorted by a pod of 25 dolphins in 50 ft of water for over 20 minutes. With the colorful sunrise it made you forget about all the negative things...
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    Ocean bite

    Trolled for stripers today in 55ft of 56 degree water and only caught blues up to 10 lbs. There were acres of bunker pods west but no stripers under any of the pods I fished. W ent back into the bay after the tide turned and caught some small fluke. Water was so clean you could see down 8ft. A...
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    Smithtown smorgasboard

    I left the yak home today and took my boat. Outgoing tide today was very productive. Caught blues, robins, sea bass{returned}, short fluke{returned}, and a bunch of stripers up to 26 in. Found a school of stripers working the bait in 5ft of water and played catch and release for an hour. There...