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    DESTINATION INFORMATION HOW TO GET THERE — Wrightsville Beach is known as the epicenter of North Carolina offshore jigging, but any angler headed to at least 20 fathoms in the spring would be well-served to bring some jigging tackle to increase their odds when bottom fishing. Wrightsville Beach...
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    Have A Happy Kwanzaa!

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    What A Disgrace!

    This topic deserves it's own thread. I'll begin! Who permitted the defacing of the flag? I didn't hire these guys. I don't pay them. What do they do with the money. They buy shoes for the kids and put food on the table.
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    2021 Calendar Ideas

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    Van Staal Reel Service Info.

    Who in the area Services the reel? NYC - NASSAU COUNTY - SUFFOLK - NOT TO FAR UPSTATE :)
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    The Mustache Pete Thread

    Anything goes, this thread is dedicated to anything that Mustache Pete likes to do. It could be fishing or hunting. I'll start it off. Here's Mustache Pete giving out his secret sign for a mob hit.
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    The Islamorada Sailfish Reports

    This channel is unbelievable!
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    The White Marlin Fishery

    Those are a lot of flags. White Marlin Invade the Hudson Canyon Many other boats posted big numbers during the incredible bite, including Canyon Lady with 53 white marlin on an overnight trip; Fishaholic, 30 whites on an overnighter; Silver Lining, 58 on a triple overnighter; and Singularis...
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    Inshore Fishing

    What would you consider inshore? I like to think of it. Anything under 20 fathoms. We're obviously not in Kona.
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    Rockhopper, Jetty Life Vest Recommendation.

    At times I find myself in these awkward spots focusing on the fishing and losing where I am as the tide surges. My main concern is taking a spill in the drink and not being able to recover from a bump on the head. I'm looking for a vest where I can comfortably cast and won't overheat. What say you?
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    The Yule Log

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    Top Water Plugging

    If you're into throwing bottles and pencils, this is a fall hotspot. Under the right conditions it's very common to see bass smacking on the surface.
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    A donde vas mijo

    This one is dedicated to the flip side. Anything to do with Spanish, Hispanic. You know what I mean. :)
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    Penn Squall 15

    A couple of repeated casts. What's the purpose of this? I can't sleep at night. Now I can sleep at night. This reel is a great bang for the buck! Real world fishing. Keep in mind I don't get paid for this. I'm not that good at it but I'm probably better than you. Now feel free to criticize or...
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    The Fierce Fighting and Elusive

    Watch me cross it's eyes!
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    Okay everyone! This isn't Palermo or Dublin. Get to work.
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    Carp Rods

    Which one do you use? Which rods do you like? Why?!?
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    Ultra-Light Tackle Pack I am the current unrecognized IGFA 6 pound line class New York state record holder for Spanish Mackerel. If there's anyone out there that does this type of fishing. I would like to hear your story.
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    She likes the hard salami.

    I've been thinking of joining one of these internet dating sites. I never done anything like this before. Would anyone have any recommendations of where to start and how to go about this? What are the precationaries that I would need to know about? Here are a couple that I researched. Ashley...
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    Need A Vice!

    One that works under big pressure. Won't crack under a heavy workload. Any recommendations?