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    nhl scam lottery draft

    not sure what this video has to do with the draft but go rangers anyway !!!!
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    Slow morning

    long island sound is 74 degrees right now?
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    nhl scam lottery draft

    wtf detroit red wings worst winning percentage of any nhl team in 17 4 overall wtf, no stuezla lafeniere or byfield, we got effed effed effed, well go rangers!!!!
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    Western Sound Fluke

    yes the commorants are the nail in the coffin for the winter flounder, so sad
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    Western Sound Fluke

    Yes i remember your posts well. We both fished similiar areas but i was out of Cos Cob so i would fish sound reef a lot, 32a, wrecks behind captains island, the hens and chickens etc etc. ihad my best days off todds point at that red can on the south east corner. i caught my bp weakfish and...
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    Western Sound Fluke

    well if you learned to fish in western long island sound, then move to other parts of the coast you will be amazed how easier fishing is! The western sound trains you to be a better fisherman, although i hear the fishing has declined since i finally moved out of there in 2007.
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    Finally found the fluke in Narragansett Bay

    ok i went 0-4 in finding a decent fluke bite this month, so i switched it up and target summer blackfish and triggers. Fished dutch island. Very slow fishing, 2 short blackfish and one huge triggerfish. Saw a fluke follow my rig to the boat! hmmmmm??????? At the pier at the end of the day i saw...
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    Soiled Underwear...

    you tried, so now you dont have to wonder, should have I tried ? sounds cool
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    Captree Pride Sea Bass + Fluke

    awesome fluke!
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    Has Hell Frozen Over Down There???

    yes saw very few boats fishing the west passage of narragansett bay, on sunday, wow usually fluke fisherman are all over on a summer weekend, word must have spread that the fishing is slow
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    AVA diamond info wanted

    Seeking detailed info on diamond jigs. I need to restock. I would like to know what are the better quality diamond jig manufacturers. AVA style are what i am after. Maybe there is a local long island shop that has old stock from yester year? In the past i got really nice S&G jigs from ebay but...
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    narragansett bay report

    appreciate it, gonna try the salt ponds on the south shore for fluke next, getting desperate lol
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    narragansett bay report

    Hi folks- Fished my usual spots near dutch island for porgy/seabass/fluke. I havent fished that area for a few years now. My saltwater fishing is usually done sparingly because my boat is a car topper i use for duck hunting. I just wanted to frame this report in its realistic fishing effort...
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    A "Real" Report Huntington Porgies

    wow i like this website!
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    hi from rhode Island

    Hi guys, maybe you arent that interested but finally found the sandeels today after a few skunks. Wow what a difference having bait around makes. Fished the west passage around jamestown today. Didnt bring enough bait, left them biting. Tons of blues on top and nailed 4 fluke and three seabass...