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    Really looking forward to this. Going to Paramount + 12/19! Yellowstone’ Gets a Prequel in ‘1883,’ but It Wasn’t Easy This Paramount+ series tracks the Dutton family’s migration from Texas to Montana. Making it tested the mettle of the cast and crew. Making a western is a little like building...
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    Christmas Gifts for the Family/Kids/Grandkids

    So doing a little holiday shopping and came across some cool stuff, and also surprised at some prices: 1: Was at the mall and there was a vendor doing 3D gifts; e.g they etch your pictures crystals Very cool. I have to do that...
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    Unlimited Sand and Money Still Won’t Save the Hamptons:

    This is from Bloomberg. Good read and amazing graphics.
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    Hey Siri.....

    Play Metallica Now playing
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    Clue: Who dun it and why?

    Something on the lighter side: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> George Smith was murdered on Sunday evening. There were 5 other people in his house: Mr. Smith's wife, his personal cook, a butler, a housemaid, and a gardener. They all told Detective Stevens what they were doing that...
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    Nostalgic Pics

    The old picture thread of memorable moments 2 Wall Street Loves the NY Yankees. This was from October 29th, 1996. I was 24 years old, working in NYC down on the corner of Broadway and Wall Street. Ticker Tape Parade when the Yankees beet the Atlanta Braves in the World Series. I was on the...
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    100k Club

    Crossed over the 100k mileage with my truck. Dam she still runs good! 2012 Jeep. Hopefully I get another 75k miles with good maintenance.
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    Fisheries Management In Europe

    Gents- I’m working with an AI/ML (artificial intelligence/ machine learning) company out of Europe. I’m building out a go to market playbook and looking at possible various sectors and segments for this companies solutions (clean tech, medical devices, biotech, engineering). As well as Use...
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    The best Album Cover of all time

    It is such a lost art....Great Album covers (and the inside as well). Too many digital songs today. Anyway, here are some album covers I like. (If this is already a thread, just combine Cany) These covers really shows the art of the artist.
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    any recommendation for pump action semi auto shotguns ? Thx d
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    The Mariana lights and other musings

    I have to break the chains. I am at the marina where we sailed out from. Northport. A few years ago. I have to fish hard again!! And do it
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    Good Nite My Brother Jon

    Cany . Move this to RIP if u want. >>>>> god speed my little bro. I love u. My best friend , a huge heart and a great fisherman.
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    Soccer Training Videos for Kids

    Hey all. - For those of you with young kids who play soccer, or for those with young Grandkids out there, I've been putting together a series of soccer training videos for my young daughters team that I coach (totally off the cuff and not very good production). They are pretty basic skill...
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    4:44 am

    Or so.. Sleeping in bed and woke to the sound of the Owl hooting his song across my yard. Looked at the clock, 4:45 am and I’m up now but still in dream sleep heard a faint reply..: definitely an Owl but far off i think she is the hoots getting louder Tighter Closer together Fainter.and now...
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    For Roccus (Dom)

    Hey Dom- since we spoke about Chicago food, figured I would send you a few picks from Lou Malnatis and Portillo’s!! My buddy in Chicago sent me a Christmas package: 6 assorted deep dish pizzas and Italian beef from Portillo’s!! Yummy
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    At-Sea Processor (LABOR EXP REQUIRED) (Dutch Harbor, AK)

    Saw this on Craigslist in case anyone is interested..... Glacier Fish Company is hiring for Processors to work onboard our 2 at-sea processing vessels in the Bering Sea, Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Alaska...
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    Send your Name to Mars 2020

    Pretty cool. Just did one for me and for my daughter. NASA's Mars 2020 Rover is heading to the Red Planet. Submit your name by Sept. 30, 2019, 11:59 p.m. ET, and fly along! #Mars2020 will carry a microchip etched with the name of millions of people from Planet Earth...
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    OMG Zeppole

    So awesome> From the fireman's fair these Zeppolie's are awesome even a day later.
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    Double Header

    Since the snappers weren’t around went for some Porgies again. She loves reeling them in but a little shy to hold the line! 😂
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    A Fishing Story

    Feel free to post your own and add to this one. This is mine.: A brief fishing story @ the Fish Tails Canyon. It was 4am when my clients arrived at the dock. My boat was ready,: the fishing gear in place, safety equipment on, weather reviewed again, sea temp charts, course plotted., boat iced...