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    Recommendation for a new Tog Jig Rod combo

    Thank you Pete! Tremendously helpful as always. Thank you!
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    Recommendation for a new Tog Jig Rod combo

    Hi Pete, It's been a long time, I followed you over from the other forum! Hope all is well. Looking to pick your brain as I start shopping this winter for a new Tog Jigging Outfit or two. My current collection is primarily you past suggestions- I have the Shimano Trevela S Green Spinning...
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    Silicone Skirts in Bulk / Alibaba?

    Hi Pete, Happy New Year. Knowing you have a wealth of knowledge wanted to ask this question to you and the group. I'm looking to purchase silicone skirts in bulk. Skirts for fluke jigs primarily. I have been buying skirt packs (10x to a pack) for between $1.90- $2.50 a pack. Doing...
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    Jig Molds

    I know this is mainly a plug building forum, but by any chance does anyone happen to know a source that produces custom jig molds? I'm looking for a football jig mold and unfortunately Do_it Molds does not make them larger than 1oz. Any suggestions? Thanks! SP
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    ABU 5500c Maintenance Suggestions

    Pete- My former screen name was RegulatorMan.. I had to switch because some hacker kept breaking into my old account. THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge. I'm honored by your generosity! I'm going to PM you to follow up on your offer. This is amazing! Scott
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    ABU 5500c Maintenance Suggestions

    Pete- WOW! I'm glad I was able to find where you "moved" to by some word of mouth anglers on a recent tog trip. I hope all is well. Seeking your recommendations please. I have a early 1990's Abu 5500 C. This reel has seen minimal use, spent most of its life in the box. I only upgraded...