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  1. live bait

    Finally Had A Chance To Get Out

    Started early & had myself & the boat ready for early May, made one porgie trip & then life jumped up & got in the way. Boat sat on the trailer till last Friday when I decided things alowed a day on the water. The tide & wind were right, for a morning trip to Plum Gut, considering the bright...
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    Peconic Porgies

    Due to other obligations I couldn’t make a day of it, & decided to make a run to the porgie grounds in the Peconic. Wind against tide didn’t hurt the bite as the fish were big & hungry, most returned & 5 kept for the table. A quick stop at Jessups found a couple of short bass willing to take a...
  3. live bait

    Black Sea Bass

    Interesting to see how NY will implement harvest reduction regarding black sea bass, & how it will effect the recreational fishery. I see that Massachusetts just increased the Black Sea Bass harvest for commercial fisherman by 26%. Count me among the many just don't understand how these numbers...
  4. live bait

    2022 NY Fluke Regs

    Just looked at the DEC Saltwater Regulations, revised fluke regulations were put into effect on April 28th, they now read bag limit of 4 fish, 18.5" length, open season May 1st till Oct 9th. John
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    Electric Bicycles

    I guess not so much in the north east now, but in Florida we see more & more electric bicycles, on the sidewalks & roads. The question is at what point is law enforcement going to start considering them electric motorcycles, requiring registration, inspection, & the rider to be licensed………..John
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    Trickle Down

    Just had the boat wrapped, the plastic wrap is a petroleum product, the cost of the wrap went up a little over $50 this year.........John
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    Not A Good Start

    Got a early start to the boat ramp on what would be the end of season tog trip for me. Got to the tackle shop for crabs & "closed gone fishing" I knew the owner had a trip planned for the day but thought for sure someone would have the shop open. Not a big problem, turned the rig around & back...
  8. live bait

    Calm Before The Wind

    A nice calm morning was predicted, with the app I use for wind calling for 15/20 NW at 10AM, what the hell, take a shot. Flat calm as I was running the eastern Peconic towards Plum Island, didn't want to go too far east just in case the forcast was correct. Set up on small piece with steady...
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    15/20 NNE

    15/20 NNE on windfinder for Orient is usually a stay home for me BUT days are winding down, the sun was coming up so why not go togging even if is against me better judgment. Got to the Gut & the incoming rip was solid white water, slowly motor through, & head for a close by drop on the north...
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    Sea Bass

    Looking at yesterdays light wind forcast, thought I would take advantage, but didn't want to deal with the new moon tides in & around Orient on the Blackfuish grounds. Decide to launch the boat at the Jamesport, Riverhead ramp, a short, but cold, 4 miles across the Peconic is the Shinnecock...
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    Decision Time

    Checked the latest weather Monday evining, & it looked like the wind was finally going to lay down. Decision time, do I stay home on Tuesday, & take down the holloween stuff like I was asked to do on Monday, & stay home & blow out the sprinklers like I was supposed to do last week, or go black...
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    Nice Day For A Boat Ride

    Got to the blackfish grounds just after first light which was the plan. Beautiful sunrise, flat conditions with almost dead calm wind. First drop on the north side of Plum, no life, made a few more drops in the area with the same result & decided to head east. Three of four more drops with...
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    Got an early start this morning, 10 N/E & the ebbing tide made for a little chop but not bad, had some new bottom I wanted to try. Wind against tide always makes keeping the boat on the numbers difficult, for me anyway. Each new spot I tried had life, but all very short blackfish & sea bass...
  14. live bait

    Repeat Performance

    Returned to the Peconic today for a another chance at the weakfish, & arrived to find the area alive. A few drifts produced not much, but when the tide began to move it was pretty much non stop action with mostly short weakfish, except for two keepers including a 27" beauty. All fish released...
  15. live bait

    The Bite Goes On

    Had a last minute idea to get out for a short trip in the Peconic before the weather set in this afternoon. Thought I made a mistake when greated by a stiff wind, & a bay of witecaps. Got out to the closest weakfish spot I had on the machine & found the fish waiting, ended up with over a dozen...
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    Virus Fatal to White Tail Deer Found in Suffolk County
  17. live bait

    Southampton - More Poachers Caught Once againgood work by the DEC John
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    Suprise Sea Bass

    Friday morning headed for the race. Although the place is dominated by big bluefish this time of year I was hoping it would give up an August striper as it had in the past. Halfway through first drift, fish on, small fish not fighting like a big blue or striper, much to my suprise a 4lb sea bass...
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    Why is boat soap so expensive?

    Was just looking at the web site of a marine store, & the least expensive gallon of boat soap is on sale for $23.99, while a 100oz jug of car soap is less than $5.00. I trailer the boat & wash in my driveway, so having a soap made to work with salt water is not necessary in my opinion. Do I...
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    Sea Bass

    Got out early this morning for the outgoing, out of mattituck inlet, not much of a S/W & a flat Long Island Sound. I didn't give it the whole tide, just the first 4hrs, & made drops in every spot I have marked in the area. Tally for the effort was one 20" sea bass, that's it one hit, one fish...