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  1. pequa1

    How do you store your gulp?

    I swear by (and sometimes at) FaceBook. I have yet to find anything better for me on the kayak than the little Plano containers I posted previously. Mine haven't leaked and can't tip over, but I do admit that I get that stink on my fingers fishing around trying to find the "color of the day."
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    What is this thing "work?"
  3. pequa1

    Weaks still around

    after a three or four week period where I hardly caught a fish, I have been taking home a 20" or slightly larger each trip. Half as many as last year but first it was the wind, and then it was the successive heat waves, so I am really not complaining. Since the last week of July all have...
  4. pequa1


    was actually cool loading the yak onto the TrakRak this morning !
  5. pequa1

    Whats on TV

    Was waiting for your review. Likeable characters ? the prequal to Game of Thrones starts next Sunday, and the last two episodes of Animal Kingdom on Sundays too. Why do they do that ?! Thankful for DVR!
  6. pequa1

    Whats on TV

    Leonetti threw a no hitter over all 6. Matzohpizza wins 4-0 and goes to Williamsport !
  7. pequa1

    Good News, Clams Returning to GSB

    its those Squaw Island flats that I clam when my buddy wants to do a clam bake. With a little gardening claw tool, I can do a 4/5 fill of a spackle bucket in 35 minutes. No exaggeration. Like I said, even a 14' Boston Whaler necessitates a long slog to get to my kayak spot. the area you...
  8. pequa1

    Whats on TV

    Tonight- 12 August Going to watch the pre-season Jets ? Nooooo. Going to watch the Yanks continue to fall apart, this time in Fenway ? Nooooo. We are going to watch the Matzohpizza Little Leaguers take on Toms River (NJ) to see who goes to the LL World Series. It's on ESPN (!!!) at 1900...
  9. pequa1

    Good News, Clams Returning to GSB

    We could never afford boating when I was a kid as my father died when I was in first grade. Did get my first boat in my late 20s (1978) and Snakehill was a favorite destination, although only branches placed by some good samaritan showed the way as the trees were gone. With my second (and...
  10. pequa1

    Searching for blowfish

    Each summer I tell myself to anchor (yes, even with the yak) and bring home some blowfish and kingfish. And for the last three years the weaks are in and I am obsessed with those beauties. (Of course I would probably have to use bait, huh?)
  11. pequa1

    snappers getting too big

    Years ago. Since 2005, I have not bought any bait at all, even when I still had my boat. Getting used to just using Gulp on the kayak and with success, I just stopped getting it at all for the boat, and if someone joined me I told them if they did not want to use my Gulp, to bring their own...
  12. pequa1

    snappers getting too big

    But managed a 23.5" Weak at high slack on the smallest snapper I was able to cull. Nearly all weaks this summer caught at slack, high or low.
  13. pequa1

    Its Hot

    Or many, many ice cubes. Going in now. It was too hot and windy for me to kayak fish again this morning. A fish is not worth heatstroke !
  14. pequa1

    Its Hot

    Yes, and its already back up to 80 this morning. Windy and humid too. Keeping the canvas over my pool's solar panels again!
  15. pequa1

    Its Hot

    High 70s, MAYBE 80, here now. Still windy and humid.
  16. pequa1

    Its Hot

    84 going to 85 here. But humid. 10mph SW breeze and "real feel" in the mid 90s. Had to actually waste some water on the zoysia this morning. Again. For the third freakin' time this summer !! Worst drought here in many years. Most rain went well north so far since early June. Not...
  17. pequa1

    What do you think about having to be boarded by the NYSDEC while you're out trying enjoy a nice day on the water?

    Reminds me of the old State Parkway (Parks?) Police that used to "enforce" Jones Beach in the late 60s early 70s. Brutal beatings that I saw and was "convinced" not to bring it to "higher"on teens over a joint. When they merged with the State Troopers many could not pass the pyschological...
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    Todays Snoozeday/Newsday has a front page article of how the children who caught the virus are getting all sorts of maladies, myocardial infections, diabetes, kidney problems etc., especially those not vaccinated. Studies, doctors' quotes, blah, blah. The last paragraph "admits" that 70% of...
  19. pequa1

    Its Hot

    was out on the bay for weaks again this morning. Hot ? Windless ? Neither. Totally overcast and the brisk 10 mph south wind was throwing up whitecaps everywhere. Wind against tide and the tide (current) was losing. But back up to the ramp it seemed like the temperature went up a...