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  1. Daves41

    Red Light Cameras on Long Island

    The red light cameras were put in under the justification of public safety. The opposition claimed it was just about raising revenue. The truth is it does both. Several studies have shown that rear end crashes do increase, Tbone crashes decreased. I would certainly rather get my bumper dented...
  2. Daves41

    Nice day on the water

    So me and my bride headed out on the boat in hopes of bringing home a few sea bass. Rode up to Cranes Neck and dropped anchor. Mostly Porgies, some pretty big. Did get some Sea Bass but all very small. Used clams and squid. Nice day on the water but was rockin some. I went back out for a couple...
  3. Daves41

    Smithtown Bay Fluke

    George, thanks for the info. One of my favorite spots. Looking forward to getting out there.
  4. Daves41

    ARTG Buoy

    FYI for those of you who may use it, as of this morning the buoy north of Smithtown bay is back online. Updates every 30 minutes.
  5. Daves41

    fish finder connections corrosion

    Definitely sold me, gonna order some. Great info, thank you for posting.
  6. Daves41

    Skunk again

  7. Daves41

    Skunk again

    Thanks George. You are very right about the tide. Last night was the incoming. Have always done better on the outgoing, but have also had some great nights on the incoming. Appreciate the advice and all you do on this site. Be well.
  8. Daves41

    Skunk again

    Inside StonyBrook Harbor. Used to do OK there. Mostly all schoolies but that is just fine with me. Tried clams, squid and switched up a bunch of plugs. A variety that in the past would seldom leave me with no fish. Oh well, still beats work.
  9. Daves41

    Skunk again

    Took the boat out of central north shore for a couple hours last night hoping for a skinny water bass or two. Nice night, no wind but also no fish. Guessing they are still in quarantine. Have only been able to get out one other night this year. Also no bass then either. Used to be sure of a few...
  10. Daves41

    Rattlesnake Relocation - Columbia County

    Had it many years ago down in West Va. We caught em live, cleaned em and fried them in a fry pan over an open fire. Really not bad.
  11. Daves41

    Rattlesnake Relocation - Columbia County

    Ya know they don't taste bad. Just sayin. LOL
  12. Daves41

    Rattlesnake Relocation - Columbia County

    That area has always had a very large rattler population. They are in the process of finishing up a rail trail for biking and walking. Will be an ideal place for the snakes to sun themselves. It will likely be used mostly by the city people who frequent the area. Should be interesting when it opens.
  13. Daves41

    Happy Anniversary

    Brand new to this site. Really diggin it. Great job, thank you guys.
  14. Daves41

    LIS Weather Bouys

    I inquired recently. It seems they are working on a satellite connection for this buoy. Should solve the problem. I have missed this buoy. Is a great asset.