A few "Nits" with "Search"


Staff member
Dec 22, 2018
Midcoast Maine
A few things that are minor, but I believe would be an improvement with the Search feature

  • This one has been going on forever, but with Chrome, after you type in your Search word, and then go down to do anything else like click on "Search titles only" the contents of the search box disappear, although they haven't been erased. Would be nice to fix this one someday...

  • It would be nice that the retrieved search list, when searching for a topic, sorts not by date of the inception of that thread, but instead, to sort, newest - oldest, on the most recent post on the thread.

  • Then when you click on the thread you want, it goes to the most recent page or post, not the first post on the first page.
My 2¢...