Albies Albies Everywhere !

Area: Offshore

This report is for yesterday.
MY son and I took advantage of one day window and trailered my boat up to Rhode Island.
Reports were albies everywhere and they were correct.
We hit the water at 5:30am and motored out to just outside the west wall at Narragansett.
It didn't take long for the first school to show and it was game on.
I never saw so many Albies in my life, they stretched from the beaches all the past the west breakwall to about half mile out.
We stayed for about an hour, finally left after so many boats, Kayaks and whatever could get you out here caused a sh!t show.

We then decided to go for tog and headed over to the east side of block, all we had were clams, could find crabs in ct and I knew of no places in R.I. to get them.
Stayed for an hour, all we caught were cbass and porgys.

So we decided to hit the fluke grounds and give it a shot, in the meantime yellowfin tuna were being caught just 3 miles from where we were, not having a permit I didn't want to just catch and release so we stayed at the windmills, we caught huge cbass and small fluke, my son tied into a nice fluke but I was too slow with the net and lost it, sucks getting old lol.

We continued to catch cbass and small fluke when my son tied into another keeper and this time I got him.

We stayed for a couple of hours, the albies showed up and we caught a few more, what a blast, my son had never caught an albie, he's caught tuna to 100lbs but never Albies on light tackle, he was excited to say the least.

We packed it in around 3pm and headed in, what a beautiful ride back to Narragansett, that's the last trip to Rhode Island for this year.

What a great day with my son and the weather was great also.

Heard reports that the Albies have invaded Ct and NY waters reports coming in from fire island and west, will see.

Tight Lines everyone
Stay Safe and Healthy,


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