Captain's Table "Rainy Day" Action

With a couple of Striped Bass charters on the books coming up shortly I decided to do some “testing of the waters” today with my buddy Paul. The original plan was to start off with the late morning tide for Sea Bass first, then check out the Bass/Bluefish action on the afternoon ebb. However, when the forecast deteriorated last evening it became obvious our best bet would be to take advantage of what looked to be a brief window early today before the NE wind was due to start cranking.

The sky at sunrise was pretty dark but we had no rain on our ride east until we got within a mile of the Orient Lighthouse. Then the sky’s opened up for about a 20-minute burst. Rain continued off and on for the next hour with some thunder and lightning flashes off to the south, but thankfully the main part of the storm seemed to have mercy on us.

Anyway, with a light east wind to start and a flood tide our drift pattern was solid and the fish were in a most cooperative mood. First drift I have a solid bite with plenty of weight and after a few drag stripping runs the fish earned it’s freedom. Probably a big Blue I scoffed. Next drift another nice hit and after a brief but spirited battle a nice fat 28” Bass hits the deck. Next drift Paul comes up with a short Bass and I followed with a 30” Bass soon after. For the last 2 hours of the tide we had fish on every drift and best of all the majority were Stripers. Despite the threatening weather we managed to put 10 Bass and 5 Blues in the boat for our efforts and dropped several other fish, all on white bucktails.

With the NE wind starting to build we headed north into the Sound hoping to top off the catch with a few nice bisquits. While the Sea Bass were surely present it seems the mother load of Blues were also competing for our baits on the same grounds. It was nearly impossible to get our rigs to the bottom without being attacked by the Blue demons on the way down. Although we did manage to get through a few times and caught a couple of keeper Sea Bass, the ratio of lost tackle to almost non-stop double header Blues got to be too much frustration for Paul and I to handle.

So, with the NE winds freshening even further and a limit of Striped Bass in the box, plus some Sea Bass appetizers, we decided to be thankful for a good early bite and headed back to port before lunch. Sometimes you just have to accept what Mother Nature and the “fish gods” are willing to give you!


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Dec 20, 2018
Sounds like a great trip Mike and good to hear the bass bite is on!!


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Dec 29, 2018
captmike thanks for sharing your day out with paul,,, nice,, stay well and be safe,,, catch them up 🐟,,,,,,,,,,, ><)))):>

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