Captains Table Tog Limits Continue

Area: North Fork

My streak of consecutive boat limit Tog trips hit 5 yesterday thanks to the efforts of John and his party of 4.

Wind and sea conditions allowed us to start at my favorite shallow water drop on the CT side of the Sound for some light tackle jigging. Within a few minutes Ricky put a nice 17” keeper in the box and it looked like it could be a “one stop shopping” day. Unfortunately, the pattern quickly changed to a constant parade of short Tog and a few Porgy’s. Even a small move in the same vicinity did not change our luck. I’m a little baffled since this particular spot has been extremely strong for me over the course of many years, regardless of the water temps or time of season.

So, off we go to the nearby reef in 50’ and once the boat settled on anchor the fun began. A similar pattern to the last couple of trips here where we started with about 15 minutes of short Tog and a few Sea Bass. Then, the switch was flipped and the keepers started coming at a steady pace. In just over 2 hours we managed to limit the boat with several of the keepers in the 4-6# class. John made everyone smile, including the Captain, as he decked his personal best, an 8.2# brute during the middle of the hot bite. So, we got to head in a little early with a lot of “high fives” and full bags of filet!

I still have 3 good dates in November open, 11/11 (Veteran’s Day), plus the weekend of 11/14,15. The water temps are still hovering around 60 degrees and typically our best Blackfishing occurs as the water drops into the 50’s. So, now is the time to act if you want a shot at the great North Fork Tog bite.

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