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Dec 21, 2018
I‘m looking at purchasing a drone to be used on the boat. I have ZERO knowledge about these things. Does anyone have any experience with these, recommendations, etc. I think an important feature would be one that is water proof, or water resistant, esp for salt water, and floats, with good camera quality.
Hi Matt, hope your doing well. when you get one make sure it has a return feature. That way when you get to far out or don't control it for a while it will return to the exact spot you launched it. Of course that wouldn't be good if your taking steaming video.
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Thanks guys, from what I am reading it seems that most “mid-range,” price-wise, have GPS, while lower range units do not.

How accurate they are to land on the small moving deck of a boat is another question I haven’t found an answer for yet.
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I would first practice on dry land.
Absolutely, launch and move 100' or so and then hit the HOME button to see what happens.

Matt, it's only as good as the pilot.
Very true. I've never seen people actually land the drone on deck, but usually grab it while it's hovering nearby, BUT they are piloting so you have to ask yourself a question.

Are you going to play Drone Pilot or are you going to fish?? Trying to do both may end badly...

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