First Shot at Plum Gut

Got out Thursday morning with my buddy Paul to see if the Bass have arrived at Plum Gut yet. The fish were certainly there as we landed 10 Bass for a 2-hour effort on the best stage of the tide. However, they were all short. Water temps started at 52 degrees and actually dropped down to 48 by the end of the tide. Still a little too cold, IMHO, for the better fish to appear. Probably another week away this year.

Stopped in Orient Harbor on the way back hoping to find some Fluke and avoid the ravenous birds. Water temps were better in here at 55 but only caught one short Fluke for about 90 minutes effort. The big surprise here was the appearance of a large school of small 3-5# Blues. They have certainly been less prevalent over the last couple of seasons and probably cleaned out the Sea Robins for a time. Actually, I would rather catch them over the birds, much more fun.

Lost this weekends charters to the virus and I sure hope we can start fishing by early June. I would hate to disappoint the customers who wait all year for this. In the meantime, it’s back to the Porgy grounds next week while we wait.

Stay healthy and tight lines if you can get out.

Capt. Mike

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