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Dec 20, 2018
So did the price of gas have an impact of your fishing trips this year, if someone would have asked me that in April or May as the season was getting started, I would have said NO WAY. Fact of the matter is, it did. I trailer my boat, & looking back on my log I made 27 trips to one of three ramps I use, that's 19 less trips than last year. Part of that was because of something that got in the way of fishing at home & I didn't fish at all in June, but a good number of times I stayed on land due to the price of gas. Once on the water I did a lot less exploring, looking for new bottom. With weakfish in short supply in the Peconic, I didn't even try. On days when things were slow in Plum Gut I would think nothing of running to the Race just to see what was going on, or to tangle with a few big Blues, not this year. I found myself running the boat with an eye on the gallons per hour gauge. I normally run to Montauk from Orient to bass fish at least three times, this year I went once. I like to run the boat through the Shinnecock Canal, & either fish the bunker pods or fish the Shinnecock reef, this year I went once. Don't get me wrong I had a really good year, I was just taking a package of striper out of the freezer to make bass salad for Thanksgiving, & their is no shortage of frozen fish in stock. So did the price of gas or diesel have an impact on your fishing season?.......John


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Dec 22, 2018
Midcoast Maine
Didn't impact me one bit, with the exception of lightening the wallet. I even stayed with Ethanol-Free gas, which around here is also high test.

I fished when I wanted, and took the Admiral out for long boat rides whenever she wanted...

What did impact my number of trips was a 3 week trip out to the Midwest for Grandparents duty, and a cranky tilt trim system that was always waiting for parts...
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